New UZI .22LR Pistol Shooting Review

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Travis Smith: big daddy i went out got me a uzi and made me some uzi pie

NUKE: So no full auto on this one?

축구영상 채널HJ STUDIO: 2:06 It's UZI Time~

sturmgewehr70: BigDaddy. ...I'm trying to decide between the pistol and the rifle versions. Which do you prefer and why? Thanks from SC.

Richard Jackson: Getting One Love the review.

Benja Goalkeeper: #HailPistolasFritas

Sapo N: Sweet uzi pie is the best pie😁

Edi Berkah: I like that uzi

MedicinalTrollz: I want a full auto mini uzi so bad. Im willing to spend thousands. I just need one

DFW Boxing is Back: Can I stuff this in my britches in the event someone comes talking that slick crap I can quickly pop they melon?

Dustin Shroll: Thats the crap

Imagorilla: Hankok45’s clone

jasaan james: I would hate tho rob him

Thiago Alves: Os piores vídeos são esses aí que o cara tem uma metralhadora mais fica com essa frescura dano tiro por tiro

akilah felix: Uzi has bad accuracy

Kyle Martinez: lil uzis new song sounds good

Daekath Sucks: Aka pocket sniper

Dirt Diver: "It's UZI time"

Dylan VoDKa Klebold: Sounds Godlike when it hits the targets.

MemoryDecipheR: 1:36 I can see that twice you didn't go all the way back to reset with the trigger. The trigger reset is way too damn deep, it even messed you up twice when rapid firing. I'll pass on this gun.

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New UZI .22LR Pistol Shooting Review 5 out of 5

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How far will a .22 LR Kill?
How far will a .22 LR Kill?

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