New UZI .22LR Pistol Shooting Review

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emilio alberto eugenio: You are amazing and so blessed guy. Uzi is a Beauty Fire Arm and you too big Daddy.

Danny Murphy: Hell, the government needs to wise up and let people have full auto .22 lr's and .380s so long as they jump through the right hoops ya know? What's the harm in a caliber that can't even wound a persons brain via a close range head shot? Full auto or not it won't change the fact that .22lr CPJHP's don't actually expand and create a consistently deadly wound channel nor is it a round capable of retaining deadly potency when piercing solid barriers so even if mr. columbine or Adam Lanza 2.0 got their hands on a full auto .22lr glock with 100 round drum mags they would have to be an extra special kind of stupid and demented to think that'd get their 'point' across... whatever that point is I will never know but idk my point here is America is the strong and beautiful because we protect our own we the people of the united states have rights that folks everywhere else in the world would give both their nuts to have.. That is part of what makes up the foundation of this great country and the god damn yuppies with vacation secondary residence type homes in bangkok and spend the rest if their time in the pockets of other world leaders (not trump, gotta love him MAGA all day) wanna nip and tuck our 2nd amendment to quell a piece of the population that has never truely had or has somehow lost all perspective and think they want the government to baby their sorry asses and send them to torture camp (jail/prison) if they decide to gear up in a way the govt. doesnt like all of a sudden.. I'm no felon or anything and should never have spent a day behind bars in my 24 years but unfortunately the fact is I HAVE. I have spent 18 months in jail aswell as prison collectively during my early early adulthood due to minor offenses that led to courtroom mishaps, poor representation and total shut down of all resources and self advocacy.. anyway, id say atleast 70% of the people in for a gun charge were HONEST LOYAL citizens who got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time during the premature phases of newly implemented gun restriction technicalities. These people were not prior offenders many werent, they were knowledgeable and educated about firearm rules and regulations, just simply were stripped naked, tossed in a cell, tossed in a courtroom, then tossed into the back of a paddy wagon van for 6 hours, then spent several months in supermax jail (prison is easy time, people may be in for longer but they get some rights to anyone who doesnt know, jail is usually from anywhere from 2 weeks to at most 7.5 years of no contact visits, terrible food, while they are harvested for their and their families money to get WAY over priced, over processed commercary items with 23 hour lock down no oppurtunity to work or educate yourself or complete certification training often times and your surrounded by confused scared and angry people in a sea of constantly changing faces.. It is literal torture you cant even attend your best friends funeral, or hug your girlfriend/wife during visiting hours, anyway if a non criminal is getting locked up while our failing justice system decides on what they must do to show you who's boss, then its usually in county jail, prison is normally where state and federal repeat offenders go for a big first offense or 2,34th even 5th minor offense. My point is that is unforgivable for a great power such as the united states government to impose it's will on its citizens who never truely sinned, harmed or sought to damage ones health wealth or freedom in a way too malicious to risk societal integration, especially considering the conditions of these freakin waiting rooms. Yes I think there should be rules and regulations surrounding guns in the US. Yes i think urban and or densely populated violence prone areas are particularly high risk for gun violence but I think it should be handled with more tact and not enforced with such aggression, it is inefficient and it is not winning any friends over here. .22lr uzi full auto would be awesome way to practice full auto shot placement and would be a great way to teach aspiring military enlistees that are not yet of age the importance of conserving ammunition, trigger/firearm safety, fire arm maintenance and shot placement tactics. also the tendencies of a full auto weapon can't be grasped during training and bootcamp, americans biggest weapon is battlefield proficiency imagine if we could build upon that even further by instilling discipline and restraint surrounding these weapons to more people. Just a poor effort in many states surrounding gun regulations.. I know we can do better

Yi: Is this gun legal in California?

Sam Vegas: Its so cool! Must be fun to shoot despite the brick handle

Travis Smith: big daddy i went out got me a uzi and made me some uzi pie

NUKE: So no full auto on this one?

축구영상 채널HJ STUDIO: 2:06 It's UZI Time~

sturmgewehr70: BigDaddy. ...I'm trying to decide between the pistol and the rifle versions. Which do you prefer and why? Thanks from SC.

Richard Jackson: Getting One Love the review.

Benja Goalkeeper: #HailPistolasFritas

Sapo N: Sweet uzi pie is the best pie😁

Edi Berkah: I like that uzi

MedicinalTrollz: I want a full auto mini uzi so bad. Im willing to spend thousands. I just need one

DFW Boxing is Back: Can I stuff this in my britches in the event someone comes talking that slick crap I can quickly pop they melon?

Dustin Shroll: Thats the crap

Imagorilla: Hankok45’s clone

jasaan james: I would hate tho rob him

Thiago Alves: Os piores vídeos são esses aí que o cara tem uma metralhadora mais fica com essa frescura dano tiro por tiro

akilah felix: Uzi has bad accuracy

Kyle Martinez: lil uzis new song sounds good

New UZI .22LR Pistol Shooting Review 5 out of 5

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How far will a .22 LR Kill?
How far will a .22 LR Kill?

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