Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review (1250 Fps!) .177 Cal

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Gabriel Bravo: how does your scope mount hold on the gun and does it keep zero

Skyler Armer: Did you say it would hurt if the stock did not have pad on it

Richard Prevo: for all of you that think your break barrel air rifle is as powerful as a 22 rimfire you're retarded the game oh this guy was testing only puts out about 14.5 foot pounds of energy the most powerful break barrels on the planet will only put out about 28 foot pounds a 22 rimfire puts out approximately 120 foot-pounds of energy

Drew. Werd: To prime the pressurized tank

Drew. Werd: Ez outdoors are u retarded? It's not spring powered...

EZ Outdoors: it doesnt sound like a real gun at all. the only thing is the spring

Jay Jensen: I've killed boars and turkeys with this rifle. Several squirrels too good rifle

Gabriel Espinos: I live in a neighborhood and wanted to know if i could fire it there or would i have to go into the woods

_V_Gaming_: Dude i just buy this at sport store for 115$ in PR. I actually shoot it just to hear the noise it makes and bloom ?! wtf is this i never hear a pellet rifle like this before i notice the smoke stuff i was shocked like omg i was not expecting it to be that noisy.

hmongBoYz: is this gun good for backyard practicing shooting? I was just wondering and I want a good quiet gun for practicing shooting in the backyard 

Alex Cuevas: What kind of sling should I put on it?

Liam Hewlett: Can you put open sight on it.oh and would it be to loud in back yard in town

yasin abdul: Where did you order your .177 rail mount from that you put your scope onto?

rebelboes1776: Dont use pba it will ruin youre gun use 8.3 grain or higher crossman ammo

Reuben Nicholas-booth: Pig sorry

Reuben Nicholas-booth: If you can kill a pi with that id five you $100 only chuck norris could.

Alex Neal: not smoke coming out its oil. After about 100 shots it will come out. The oil is bad for the inside of your barrel for the most part. Also it is pretty much a 22 in speed. I have the .22 model. It Is slow with led but packs the same punch as a .22

Apocalyptic FTW: All gamo scopes suck 20 yards or so, clear 70 yards or farther, blurry. center point would be your best bet make sure you get a rimfire scope it has a recoil notch like gamo's and mil cross hairs black. With batterys red or green sights gamo ir looks cheap might as well get a red dot sight. silent cat? how about 2 pcp pipe one smaller then the other and a pcp cap and a drill and a saw there you go suppresser made

TheVJME: I dont think its THAT loud. Might be a little far fetched.

James Ardito: IS it loud?

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Gamo big cat 1250 review (1250 fps!) .177 cal 5 out of 5

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