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arno nuehm: No need to look great must be lovely soft to kiss you

Phantom Marius: I love you face, hair, eyes and gums! May I draw a picture of you please! I will even send it to you if you want! No being creepy! ;-)

columbojoe666: Its nothing to be embarrassed about. Your awesome.

tweety30number11: You are beautiful and so brave to do the video im fixing have all my teeth pulled out due to having acid reflux it has caused my teeth to break and im scared to death no one knows what im going through thank you for your courage to make video

Spiderhead1000: Inspirational and beautiful.

nerdgirlism: thank you!

nerdgirlism: see my other vids. i usually just clean my gums by gargling listernine and cleaning them with toothpaste with my finger

nerdgirlism: thank you!

nerdgirlism: well i have a small mouth, when they were making mine they said they never have made any that small, and that they look like kid's teeth...typical for me, people always think i'm younger than i really am! anyway, since my jaw is small, my gums do touch if i close my mouth and then press them together. i can eat any food that doesn't need to be ground up without my dentures.

nerdgirlism: yes i do

nerdgirlism: aww thank you :)

nerdgirlism: see my other vids/comments

nerdgirlism: ha ha thank you

nerdgirlism: thank you! i just figure if i have to have dentures for the rest of my life, why the hell shouldn't i just own the fact??? lol

nerdgirlism: thank you! and i'm sure your health will be doing a lot better after getting your teeth pulled! :)

nerdgirlism: Well, I had brushed my teeth at least twice a day every day since i can remember. It wasn't until about 2 years after I was diagnosed as diabetic, when I was 16, that my teeth became brittle. My wisdom teeth crowding my mouth didn't help. Add to that the fact that my dad didn't give a crap about my health and was the only one who could take me to a doctor, seeing as my mom was an invalid. So, it's not like i didn't try. Different people have different situations.

Max Root: And that's why you brush your teeth!!!

jedediahbc: I think you are a very brave young lady to do these videos and I am very proud of you sharing your plite in life with dentures. I am going to get about 16 teeth pulled top and bottom , I have diabetes and since developing type 2 my teeth has just went to hell even though I took very good care of them. Finally with encouragement from my dentist recommedations I am having all them pulled at the end of this month.

Daniel Marshall: Brave as crap. Love it

Yazzie: U look so adorable!

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Dentures - Gums 5 out of 5

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