Super Mario 3D Land - Video Review (Nintendo 3DS) [HD]

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TUES_PW: This is the best 3ds mario 3d game

RichardsRockin: controls suck

4 out of five


Richard Pape: andre sounds so bored or just woke up.

Badger's Game Room: I love this game very much! The controls are perfect. The level design is classic Nintendo. And graphically the most vibrant Mario game. I like it better than Mario Odyssey

Atari-Dude 1: What the hell's up with your voice here?

goth kid 27: This is a rage game for me


DustinFlu: Great channel but i just gotta tell you that the boomerang suit is not a new one its from super mario bros 3 ( just few and far between)

Sean Stars: Huh?? The movement controls are fine...

Marv_bar: back when the new 3ds xl wasn´t a thing

ForcesOfOdin: Controls weren't bad. Yeah not perfect. But I'm playing mario 64 for the first time, and while amazing, and while it has more jumps, it doesn't have the speed run feel this game captures when you get good. However, HOWEVER, the placement of walls coupled with the camera perspective can lead to very frusterating accidental wall jumps when you have to jump sideways and the wall is too close to the action. And the tight ropes that you can only see from the side, not above, are annoying because if you accidentally go out of the plane (geometry plane) it's both hard to notice and hard to recover but totally deadly. And not mentioned by you, is how amazingly challenging the S worlds are , there are 8 S worlds in addition to the first 8 you receive and damn do they get hard. You get all the S stages of each S world at once and only the last level is locked. You unlock each subsequent S world by having enough of the special big coins, so try getting them on the way. There are other secrets, but I wont spoil everything for you.

Silent C: (Yes I know this is super late and also just your opinion) but I don't know what your talking about with imprecise controls, I think the control in this is perfect, but I guess that's why I have my opinion and you have yours

Brobore: so. i am getting a new 3ds xl soon. and i the 3 games i am getting for it when i get it are super mario 3d land, luigi's mansion dark moon, and legend of zelda ocarina of time 3d. and i came on this video wondering. is there any real CHALLENGE in 3d land? i love mario games but the one thing i hate about them is most of them lack the right amount of challenge. i dont like games when they are too easy and hate them when they are way too hard. i need a neutral point. so my question stands. is there challenge?

HeyySouL: I thought that was so Nintendo when they troll users who aren't using the 3D feature

Prety Bombur: you are getting the controls confused with the camera
the camera sucks big time in this game
the control is precise

Mr.Ltastic: You sound drunk in this video...

NYTheTechGuy 2: I Beat The Game 2 Times

Angie Valencia: who knows how to play multiplayer on super mario 3d land on the 3ds?

Legend Overdu: the thing is I beat S8-crown and it took me 3 months to do the game is short.

Taiga Aisaka: Only 4/5 stars!? I would give it 4.5

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Super Mario 3D Land - Video Review (Nintendo 3DS) [HD] 5 out of 5

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