Big Bore Airguns, Up To .50 Cal. (Updated)

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Aris Pratama: berapa kalau sampai ke Indonesia

Pierre LeDouche: This video is seriously out of date. The Korean big-bore airguns are all extremely weak compared to airguns which have come out in the USA in recent years. And the days where a DAQ airgun was a must if you wanted to kill elephants with an air rifle are long over. He was certainly the pioneer for monster-powerful airguns but many other manufacturers have taken up the challenge and have surpassed anything Quackenbush ever made. If you have the money for them, that is. EBBAR makes a 20 MM air rifle that will shoot an 1150 grain bullet at a comfy 800+ FPS. What can you kill with that? Pretty much whatever you want. And they aren't the only company manufacturing air cannon like that. You pays your money and...well, you know the rest.

Dayofthedaleks152: Rifle of thot destroyers

james jackson: Bull crap where's the comparison

Kristen Connally: looks like drywall screws holding the trigger guard on. the rifle body looks like stamped tin metal on the Sam yang and career. whoever believes that the Koreans make the best,most powerful,or built better air rifle is crazy. USA, Germany, or UK would be your best bets.

Appel taart: What is the name of the music?

Larry Napier: Taking our guns? Dem fightin' words! We need to take our country back!

Objective Observer: Well that was nice, but the earth ain't a ball

Air Tanks Plus and other useful stuff like Stikman: The big bore airguns are a lot of fun.

peelawig: We started a face book page for big bore air rifles. It's called "big bore air guns" join and show us what you got! We are in the US and would love to hear from you. Thanks and look forward to discussing big bore hunting and target shooting.

Tommie Ljungberg: MW2 :P

sara thacker: my dad has a gun

DJ KOOL: Wao.............. I Like Big Bore Air Rifles.

Sri Nengsih Purnamasari: TOP

Josh Powlesland: If I'm going to pay this much I'm going to buy a gun that shoots actual bullets

theoriginalmungaman: Way out dated, look at the Extreme air guns Quigley .72 or 12 ga.. Or the 457 bullpup with 1300 foot pounds of energy! There are many American and European air guns way more powerful and accurate than the Korean guns.

Southern Virginia AirgunHunter: Good vid for the era

James Pugh: the 50 cal in 58 cal air rifled are some seriously big air rifles for taking game that a muzzle loader can

Христо Михайлов: can you give us the music

jason200912: it's a funny coincidence that Korea is home to the world's smallest average pencil lengths as well as the largest caliber air guns to make up for it

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Big Bore Airguns, Up To .50 Cal. (Updated) 5 out of 5

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