Lionel Soo Line Train Set From Menards

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snowmantrains: thats freaking cool

Bobby Harvey: @grizzleybearz282004 The set is an un-cataloged set made in 2010 for Menards. The engine has a single can motor, directional headlights, cab lights, and a diesel horn.

Asher Lewis: I've seen that at the Menards in Aberdeen, SD. That End of Train light is cool.

rexman92: im srry i look at the trains i seen and this looks like a 2 cent half fast job what brought me to her is the slight possability of somthing rare to see

BurgerChefGuy: Gotta love the Soo!

puzzler19: @captdenim No its not normal for most. it depends on if the motor is a basic can motor or if it is a flywheel equipt motor. the flywheel allows for a really slow crawl unlike a basic one where it jerks and is not smooth. mth trains makes good locomotives that are smooth running. i recommend mth personally because they are cheaper than lionel, but much better quality. lionel is out of there tree on how expensive their top stuff is. yes its good, but mth is just as good if not better.

Bobby Harvey: @MrMixNix It's an un-cataloged set made exclusively for Menards, which is a midwestern home improvement chain (kind of like Home Depot). You can only buy this set at Menards. I'm sure they've all packed their seasonal stuff & toys away by now, however at least at my local Menards store, they still had 3-4 sets for months after Christmas, so my guess is they'll be back next year.

captdenim: We got this set for my son. I'm new to O Scale diesels, but this one seemed awfully loud and takes a fair bit of power to move. After watching this video, I can see that's normal for the set. Is that normal for O Scale diesels (our steam is much quieter and starts much easier)

Andrew Falconer: @Petemonster62 The RS3 was partially my suggestion because it was a lower priced model, and Lionel had already made the Soo Line Service Station set with the GP38-2 back in 1994. The GP9 low-nose or "GP20" would be a great choice for a dual-motored Loco with TrainSounds or RailSounds in the Ready-To-Run catalog. Please e-mail LIONEL with as many Soo Line suggestions as possible so that they will make more Soo Line O Gauge and O Scale Locos and cars. Thank You.

Southerntreatment: awesome set dude!!nice SOO loco!!

Bobby Harvey: @captdenim I agree this engine is a lot louder than most O scale engines, but I think that's just how it is. It also requires more power to run, but it actually runs a little smoother than some of my other basic Lionel engines.

MUEagle2002: Is it me or does the horn sound like sasteam whistle?

Truman Kimball: It's loud because of the wheels

Andrew Falconer: @Petemonster62 On the Soo Line roster site the four RSC-3s were retired in 1967, 1970, 1971, 1974. They looked like RS-3 units, but had extra equipment on the roof of the long hood.

Andrew Falconer: The Soo Line is one of my roads, so I had to buy the train set from MENARDS.

Andrew Falconer: @rexman92 This is pretty rare. There were only 1500 of these LIONEL train sets made. Atlas O was about to make an O Scale Soo Line RS-1 Diesel Locomotive, but have put it off for another round of RS-1 production. Soo Line O Gauge and O Scale locomotives in the 1962-1987 colors and graphics are very rare and hard to come by due to their low production.

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Lionel Soo Line Train Set from Menards 5 out of 5

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Lionel Soo Line Train Set from Menards
Lionel Soo Line Train Set from Menards
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