Cayenne Pepper To Grow Hair

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a sky full of stars: is this change blonde hair colour?

lash kyotsko: people who put cayyen on head to scalp will be more aggressive this not good advice for hair grower or els you be in trouble

NEPH JEAN: Do you leave it on your scalp? or you wash after you finish to apply it on your scalp?

Hélène Staley: Good video.

Kandi P.: Why use cayenne pepper on the scalp and deal with burning or ittitation?
This oil blend has the oils named, both castor oils, coconut, olive, emu, horsetail, biotin, rosemary I would trust this more than something you can't do without gloves..

My Hebrew Roots: Cayenne Pepper is great for so many things!  I applaud you for using this natural remedy!  We at My Hebrew Roots are preparing for a 30 Day Hair Growth Challenge in May 2015.  Is there anyone who would like to participate?  We will upload this info as soon as today on My Hebrew Roots page.  You may use whatever product you wish but you must post pics or videos of hair length.  IIt is intended to be fun and to get people back interested in primarily Black Hair Care.  But all are welcome to participate.  My Hebrew Roots will post this on YouTube as well.  We are giving away a gas card to kick off the summer to the winner!  Ready! Set!! Grow!!!

LJ: I just started cayenne treatment four days ago and I used immediately upon mixing a generous amount, immediate wrap with satin scarf and it doesn't burn at all.  I hope it still works.  I do this once or twice a day depending on what my busy schedule allows me to do. 

Jason Mahogany: does it cure piles??

DarkJanet: I need more coconut oil and I need to buy castor oil.

David Gruesbeck: cayenne pepper will Lower Blood Pressure. I have not taken Blood Pressure Medicine for over 4 years.

I take two AM and one PM 40,000 Heat Units. a swallow of milk will settle stomach. I take religiously for 4 years and my BP is healthy. Cayenne Pepper opens of Arteries which lowers BP. It also helps us grow Red Blood Cells.

ShanQuana fulcher: Does it work if u have alopecia?

Nadeem Nasir: why use contacts just put cayenne pepper in your eyes too - cures baldness and blindness -- hoooooraahhhh

sirentad: does chili pepper have the same effect?

D Wilson: Be careful... Cayenne will burn your scalp. :(

Meechl: Are you still using this treatment? I was wondering because you haven't posted for some time.

Naomi Z: But cayenne pepper is spicy, it can burn the hell out of your skull. 

AHCH Yasiah: Yashaya' is coming! please wake up.''

protectedbylightify: If you really want your hair to grow then you need to stop putting relaxer in it!! Grow out your natural hair and you will have a head full.

duke merren: but your hair is quite short!

BeautyByLinnoria: Thank you so much...I have been waiting to find a video with some real info...

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Cayenne Pepper to grow hair 5 out of 5

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*113* Cayenne Pepper Hair Growth Results
*113* Cayenne Pepper Hair Growth Results
Cayenne Pepper for Hair Growth
Cayenne Pepper for Hair Growth
Hair Growth Stimulant (Cayenne Pepper)
Hair Growth Stimulant (Cayenne Pepper)
Hair Growth Challenge   WARNING   I added Cayenne Pepper
Hair Growth Challenge WARNING I added Cayenne Pepper
Grow your hair very fast with Cayenne pepper tonic naturally  AMAZING YOU
Grow your hair very fast with Cayenne pepper tonic naturally AMAZING YOU

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