Suzuki GS650 Streetfighter

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clockerification: Nicest bike I've seen. Any info on the forks,lowered internally?

Chris Lee: I have a GS 1100 that I want to do this to. Can you please help me to connect to the artist that transformed this beauty for you?

Ian Summers: I really like what you did witht the frame and the tail of the bike. Very creative and the result looks fantastic.

Judge_Jon: looks awesome, makes me almost not want to sell my stock one and do something similar

bhdunphy: Are the this the stock front end and forks, is it lowered? If so how do you do it

Ed Boncich: I'd like to buy the bike if it's for sale! let me know . . .

Tyler Jensen: This is super sick bike bro. I just bought a Suzuki GS 650 GL and am considerinf doing some customizations to it. This gave me killer inspiration. I repect not only your engineering ability but also your style. Let me know if you have anything extra that would be sick on my bike. I may be interested in buying a few items from. Either way..........Rad bike DUDE!

MotoErgoSum: How much does that thing weigh? It looks like it would be pretty damn light. Nicely done. Seat looks like it would kill on a 500+ mile day trip, though.

fuelhemi426: That music is the SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! Goes with the bike.

ash i: the music sucks. just let us hear the engine.

Dkotelokus: i would have finished watching this video of a cool bike if it didnt have that stupid freaking noise in the background.

BrownyCakes1: This is seriously badass.

acw6cuse: very nice,good job bro

chris matej: sick ass looking bike :)

guztavous: you can add pods to a stock gs650, you only have to give it less air

David Hacker: Dynacarb jet kits are 124 dollars is that right!!??? I want to do this to my 650 really bad I can not stand the air box. If you think you could find me the link for the jet kit you should post it.

guztavous: @Joenalo what did you do to carbs to add the air pods. i have an 83 gs650 i think they have the same carbs and everything. another thing could you make the side covers and sell them to me. :) you should make a kit and sell online speedometer , bars, mirrors, side covers and the rear end where the light used to be. i would buy it.

Alex Burr: Hey what kind of gauge cluster is that?

apex1113: I want that bike.

Kyle Lancaster: Nice job with the seat. Simple, but looks good.

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Suzuki GS650 Streetfighter 5 out of 5

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Suzuki GS650 Streetfighter
Suzuki GS650 Streetfighter
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