How To Diagnose A Clutch Problem

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mingo barrow: i have a question my 1986 cadilac 307 oldsmobile motor, when i push on the gas fast i get a roar sounds like its upfront, and both wheels of the car shake and rattle real bad , what is causing this ?

The Quad Filmer Guy: i have 97 audi a4, my pedal has plenty of pressure in it but the clutch only grabs first gear enough to shake the car a little. would this be a pressure plate problem or a throwout bearing? or do i just need to get a whole new clutch kit?

broderp: Can't you just pull vacuum on the cylinder and bleed it that way?

Linda Taylor: Hi I've got micra59 when i put foot down on clutch put it in gear when I lift foot off clutch pedal it clicks

P dot: Very helpful, thanks

Karan Roblin: We can hold down the clutch and release (all gears go easily into the gear) but when you release it doesn't go anywhere.

debbie sturgis: I have a 99 dodge Dakota, Manuel, and have a lot of play in clutch pedal, can I bleed it also?

teves loo: i have a 125 cc bike but my clutch i think is damage because when i press the clutch lever and put in 1st gear the bike turns of .. sorry for bad english

Noormohammed Shaik: hi guys i have and issue with my clutch .theres no clutch i bought a new slave cylinder and master cylinder .i did try bleeding the clutch but notthing happens ,how ever when you lossen the bleeding niple it does shoit out some fluid but still no clutch please help ???

FunnyVids: clutch is sticky. any idea?

Beer Fourtwenty: Amazing vid guys! Thank you!

Pauly Arze: What does the bleeder screw look like?

eli bar: could you help me out, I got a 1989 Chevy 1500 pickup 5 speed I recently changed the clutch like 6 months ago but now I don't know what's going on it gives me trouble putting into gear again

Leigh Craven: I am thinking of buying a car.
put handbrake on in 1st gear
clutch down with gas.
slowly raise clutch and car starts moving.
does it need a new clutch or is it the handbrake?

Joshua Mcglashing: how do you fix your clutch when it gets stuck to the floor

David Thomas: I have a 2011 Honda Civic. I tried rocking it out of ice by engaging and disengaging clutch. Unsuccessful. Now, I can't engage with the clutch at all. In any gear, I let the clutch out and the engine just revs. And, I left the car overnight on a slight hill, in first gear (no brake on) and, after the ice melted, it coasted backwards until it hit somebody's garbage bags. Could have been so much worse. What do you think the problem is? Clutch, a linkage, transmission, etc?

atique M: Hi ,
I was enjoying my ride at 80-90 Km/hrs Express highway, suddenly I noticed that my car is not accelerating further even after giving acceleration . later it was not picking up after restarting again . I want to know possible reasons behind this sudden failure , as previously no slowdown symptom was persist in my car .

Appreciate if you can revert earliest .

Beau Grieve: ove got a Toyota csi 98 model, the clutch on it is just like the video..

Heather Matteson: I have a '93 honda civic. This morning on my way to work, I was coasting up the freeway off ramp. When I pushed in the clutch and tried to bring the gear shifter out of 5th, it felt crunchy, and then wouldn't go into another gear. I tried all the other gears - reverse would grind the teeth. After shutting off the car, I decided to try wiggling the gear shifter around more in 5th. FInally, it popped out, and then I could shift normally again.

Do you have troubleshooting tips?

Thanks for the try Jhong. I flushed the system. Then it was better for a about a week. Then started grinding A LOT. I replaced the slave and master cylinders. Grinding changed, but still hard to shift and sounds like something is loose and rattling around. The disk?

Joe O Sullivan: I don't see why it HAS to be a two-man job..The way I usually bleed brakes is to pump, then hold the brake pedal down with something (a log) between the seat and the pedal, crack the bleeder, and repeat. It does take more time but always works fine. To get a bit of 'spring' I put a large book between the log and the seat, so that the surface area and 'springiness' of the seat cushion keeps pressure applied. Obviously you need to be more careful of the amount of air/fluid you let out each time since you don't have anyone telling you that the pedal has hit the floor! With the clutch I'd assume the one-man way would be easier again since you can just pin the pedal to the floor..

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How to diagnose clutch problems
How to diagnose clutch problems
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Before replacing your car's clutch. check the master / slave cylinder. Could Save Big $$.
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