How To Diagnose A Clutch Problem

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David Helmick: 1983 ford

xXPeRFecTz: Can someone help me? I have an 03 Tacoma 5spd and it seems my 4th gear is worn out. I don’t know much about cars but whenever I’m driving and I shift into 4th gear, it’ll say in gear after driving on it for about 5 seconds and it’ll shoot itself back into neutral and make a slight grinding noise. It started the other day and it’s happened about 5 times so far. Sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it’ll act up. During the times it does that I’ll skip 4th and go straight from 3rd to 5th gear. When I shift gears from 1,2,3, and 5, they all seem to fit snug and tight into each gear (not sure how to explain that) but the 4tg gear feels like the shift stick thing won’t go all the way into gear. Kinda hard for me to explain. Anyways, I’ve talked to a few guys that know more about cars. Some say I’m low on transmission fluid (which is good right now) clutch is bad, fly wheel is bad, gear slippage, and to rebuild my whole tranny. Last thing I wanna do is take it to the shop and have them rape me with bullcrap. Do you guys think it’s worth me putting money into it to get it fixed? Or should I try to sell it ASAP and find a new car? I’ve only had this truck for about 2yrs coming on 3. I’m the second owner and I’ve taken care of it very well. And it’s got a 107,000 miles on it

guacamole hernandez: So my clutch pedal moved closer to my brake pedal anyone know anything about this?

Tom McDaniel: Thanks for the detailed video. I am going to take the steps you outlined here on my wife's 2009 Scion xB. Over that past 5 or 6 weeks it has been almost impossible to get into gear. Have to double clutch it just to shift.
Thanks again guys! Two thumbs up!!

Jaycop Collins: Thanks guy, this totally fixed my problem with my sons car. You made it simple and easy for me..

Lawrence Johnson: How many first things did you do? First, next, next, last. Not: first, first, first. Amateurs.

Jack F: good job on vid my man

Kadir Valkad: Hi,
I drive a Hyundai Tucson 2.0 lt. CDI Automatic transmission 2005. While driving i press on the gas peddle but the car does not want to go especially on steep roads. Do I need to change my clutch? Thanks and any help would be most appropriated.

jesus vega: I need help my 02 Jetta wont drive but it goes on reverse on itself .and the car doesn't stall when I let go of the clutch ?

Angela Barlow: My problem is that my clutch pedal won’t push down... Would this be a fluid problem?

Connar Downes: too much vtec!

xan_carman: my master cylinder was leaking but we replaced it and bleed it and now the clutch grabs super high and slips really really badly. what should i do?

choileefut: Just bought a honda civic type s 1.8 2007. Clutch seems to be very stiff!!! Would bleeding it and changing clutch fluid solve the problem? How much would mechanic charge for this?

mingo barrow: i have a question my 1986 cadilac 307 oldsmobile motor, when i push on the gas fast i get a roar sounds like its upfront, and both wheels of the car shake and rattle real bad , what is causing this ?

The Quad Filmer Guy: i have 97 audi a4, my pedal has plenty of pressure in it but the clutch only grabs first gear enough to shake the car a little. would this be a pressure plate problem or a throwout bearing? or do i just need to get a whole new clutch kit?

broderp: Can't you just pull vacuum on the cylinder and bleed it that way?

Linda Taylor: Hi I've got micra59 when i put foot down on clutch put it in gear when I lift foot off clutch pedal it clicks

Karan Roblin: We can hold down the clutch and release (all gears go easily into the gear) but when you release it doesn't go anywhere.

debbie sturgis: I have a 99 dodge Dakota, Manuel, and have a lot of play in clutch pedal, can I bleed it also?

teves loo: i have a 125 cc bike but my clutch i think is damage because when i press the clutch lever and put in 1st gear the bike turns of .. sorry for bad english

How To Diagnose A Clutch Problem 5 out of 5

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