DVD To Innotab Conversion Process

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Brittany Swanson: for innotab innotab 2 innotab 2s innotab 3 and innotab 3s innotab max

Beatriz Lara: My Innotab 2S is not playing the movies. Can u help?

Rochelle King: When I follow the link and download the software it's not the same as the one you have?

yasnel morales: whats format by innotab 3s for video??

Brian Schuckman: Thanks for putting this together Travis, well done. Quick question, when playing the movie on the Innotab the volume is very low (yes, I turned the volume all the way up on the Innotab itself), I imagine it may have something to do with the audio settings when converting the movie itself. Any recommendations? Thanks!

janice coates: Hi 
How do i convert films for the innotab3 please 
Many Thanks 

Alex Diaz: Travis, great video works to the letter.  Was able to covert all my Disney DVDs (except Snow White and Planes) I was wondering what the deal with Planes was or if you've tried it and if there was a work around or what.  Again thanks for making the Innotab top notch.  Will give you my feed back on Innotab3s as my twins have some for their birthdays this Friday.

scoobyloobylou: Hiya :-) can this be done on the new 3s?

Karthik Gunasekaran: Hi, I am planning to buy innotab 3s for my 3 years old son. I have chosen innotab over leappad 2 because of the this feature. So please confirm whether it is still possible to have our own movies converted to innotab format. Otherwise i have to go for leappad itself.

Jessica McCoy: So does this mean all the other settings are the same and we choose H.264 instead of XVID? Or did the other settings change too?

Monica Street: Looking forward to the next video with H.264 instructions- can't get it to work right now even though I preset the AVI converter to both divx and H.264 :(

Jessica Mojica: This tutorial has helped me put alot of my 4yr old's favorite movies. My last laptop failed on me and I now have a laptop with windows 8, will the DVD passkey that you have outlined in this tutorial still work?

Hellybells1974: I have uninstalled the Freemake and then reinstalled an older version. I'm using 4.0.0. but not sure if this makes a difference or if just uninstalling and reinstalling helps. When I've done this, it works. Saying that I have DVD's that do work, and some that dont. I'm sure its a mixture of versions of Freemake,etc thats confusing the situation. Try it, its wored for me :-)

Hellybells1974: I have the same problem. My newly installed Freemake version is 'not responding' when opening the DVD drive. I'm guessing its something to do with a new version?

bjackdog: Hi Tavis, I think its been a couple years since you posted this video. I bought my daughter an Innotab 2 last week mainly because I had seen your vidoes claiming you could download entire movies. I tried 3 different movies and none of them work. I get as far as the freemake page and click on the +DVD icon, then the opening icon comes up and I wait and wait (hours)and nothing happens until I click on it and then it says its not responding. Can you help me?

Karen Guzman: Ok please because i have two little girls criying because their want to see videos , that the used to see before im so dissapoint i dont know why i didnt read these before the update ... Pleaseeee help meeee #nohappymommy

R joy: i emailed vetch and yes they said change to H.264 and upload through the learning lodge nav instead of the sd card i done all this and yes now through learning lodge videos show up i transferred the videos and even now get thumb nails but the videos still will not play please can you look into this as ive come so far only to fail again using this tablet for hosp appoints and stays and gutted that i stupidly updated it

R joy: please make one lol my son is gutted as i updated it today and now his vids wont work wont to get it going asap please

Janine Frere: If it wasn't for you I would have known how to put videos on my children's innotabs 2 years ago but just wondering if you figured out a fix since the last update? I have spent 3 days and I can't figure it out

imahrguru: Travis. You are the most helpful and knowledgeable person on youtube for Innotab2. I was hoping you could help us. Our Innotab2 keeps getting a fuzzy loud noise and then fuzzy screen and crashes within a just a few minutes. We've used regular batteries and tried all rechargeable batteries. We haven't messed with the flat circle battery yet, but wondering if it is just defective? Please advise. Going to the beach soon!

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DVD to Innotab Conversion Process
DVD to Innotab Conversion Process
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