Chevy Vortec Lifter & Valve Tap How To Repair It

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The8TrackChap: Wow. The oil pan is pooping like a dog.

Triangle Choke: Don't blame the filter on this mess. Blame the previous owner for being stupid!

Jeff Burge: If it saves me money as opposed to buying a rebuilt one, then I'm for it! I have a 02 Avalanche 

videocoop: I'd be interested to see the oil change/drained oil AFTER the tranny fluid treatment. I mean, if the original oil was neglected and the Fram filter was crap, then I'd sort of expect to see clumps in the oil when drained. But, I'd be very curious to see what sort of gunk the tranny fluid breaks loose. Hope you haven't done another oil change on this truck yet - if not, please video the next oil change and let us see it!

damonlee22: I don't think the fram filter had anything to do with the problem here.. I have an 2005 Silverado 5.3 I've used fram oil filters it's entire life, and it now has 293,000 miles and still running strong.

D. Owen: You're the man!!! I learn something new everyday!!!

roodmood1: adironackNY, whats your thoughts on Seafoam vs trans fluid?

vipervin1: I agree with Fram being a low quality filter. I have cut all of them apart and indeed Fram is a inferior filter. However the sludge condition is not related to the filter. No single filter would provide filtration to oil in that condition. BTW I would definitely check the oil pump screen in that engine. 

azimmey: I don't see how that ran. I recently bought a 2000 GMC Classic K2500 4x4 5.7 that was a company truck with all the records and stickers from oil changes just faintly visible on the windsheild with 100k on it. I have flushed twice and the oil comes out clean as heck but the valves still tick, I hate it. It must be needing a lash adjustment. And that sludge is not the fault of the Fram filter.

Austin Craig: Im at 305k miles, im running a wix with 5w30 and im having valve tap...

fune2010: thank you very much for good information and help i really appreciate it

ERICtheLATE: filling oil filter for "first breath" was my favorite ... good vid!!!

AdirondackNY: if the knock is a sticky lifter that the cam is slapping the bottom of. then it would help. the trans fluid works great for severe tapping and clacking but for yours I would say try Marvel Mystery Oil in your next oil change and stay away from Fram filters. I know of 2 trucks both have 4.3 V6 both were serviced every 3K 1 with 85,000 used FRAM filters & knocked like your dads the other 255,000 miles was a NAPA auto parts truck and starts with no knocks in the cold, it got Napa filters & oil

AdirondackNY: look at 6:40 but basicly when you change your oil & filter if it takes 5 quarts put 4 quarts of oil 1 quart of trans fluid run it for 300 miles or so and change the oil & filter again

AdirondackNY: 45-50 C converts to 113-122 degrees farenheight but no matter what the outside tempiture is the engine runs at 180 - 205 F depending on the vehicle. the oil 20-50 and 15-40 is used in diesel engines using the 20-50 oil it has high oil pressure but also a hard time lubracating the cylinder walls & wrist pins that hold the pistons on the conecting rods. 10-40 might be better for you. no matter if the engine is running on the equater or north pole in 10 minutes they both run at the same tempiture.

AdirondackNY: yes

AdirondackNY: yea this was the worst I have ever seen and since this video 1000 miles later the oil is crystal clear and no taps in the motor. if it can fix this truck that was the worst it will fix any car..

ROB S: Thanks. I have a 350 with a sticky lifter. Sometimes ticks in the mornig sometimes not. I will try this. Cheers

AdirondackNY: yes. as you see in the video I used synthetic oil that i took from another car to use along with the trans fluid. & this truck is still going strong today plowing snow

brett garnett: I have a 06 impala ss with 5.3 V8. It gets bad knocking noise when in 4 cylinder mode

nosboostice: I leard somthing new today thanks for this video.

brett garnett: I have a 06 impala ss with 5.3 V8...i have bad knocking sound when it goes to 4 cylinder mode,what could it be

jack london: not sure if it is good idea to run on it for 300 km.

tj55901: just shows how tough chevys are! , even with crap oil they keep runnin!

David Signorelli: I have a 2002 s-10 with 4.3 my lifters have tapped for along time but i use castrol and change it every 3000 since I got it back in 2003 used. I am having a problem with the oil pressure dropping to 5 or 10 lb at operating temp 200F and I am getting a p0304 obd error cyl 4 misfire.changed plugs wires cap and rotor still misfires. Oil pressure dropped after mechanix changed intake manafold gasket. any Ideas?

AdirondackNY: YES the very first comment left on this video was from a guy that had the same problem five years ago and his vehicle is still running perfect today, this trick saved him $2200

jdmaccord97: omg! its like a horror movie

murilloesteban: well i put 4 of oil and 2 of trany noise still there after 250 miles should i replace oil .check oil on stem looks good

Flippit1303: ok, since I have been driving I have only used Fram lol But you cant ignore that Fram is one of the top oil filter companies for a reason. But everyone is entitled to there own opinions. Diaper thing was funny though :)

AdirondackNY: the filter is not going to make any diferance in pressure, the thinner oil will drop the oil pressure a small amount but not to zero. if you hooked a seperate oil pressure gauge to the motor and it is zero pressure I would imagine the oil is not getting to the lifters enough to fully open the valves. I would be looking at the oil pump or see how that distributor was put in because the cam turns the distributor that spins the shaft to the oil pump

carledward1968: Sorry Bro Fram hd nothing to do with that.. That was from somebody not changing there oil regularly. I've used fram for years and never had an issue. Besides that good video

AdirondackNY: I drained the oil hot, the chunks came out from the trans fluid loosening it all up. the truck has good head gaskets. I sold it to a neighbor (and told him all about it) he gave it to his brother who put a plow on it and is still using it today.

Michael Outlaw: first Victor Uruena Yes you can Add trans fluid to any engine to keep it clean Second if you stop using 5w 30 10w 30 and switch to a straight 30w oil you will not have any more gunk in your motor . 5w 30 and 10 w 30 use Chemicals to emulate a straight 30w oil it is the chemical break down that causes the sludge build up

Austin Bishop: Toyota is really the only respectable one.

AdirondackNY: yes but you dont want to over fill it

NeilLB7: We had three at work ticking. All got oil changes every 4K. We used 10W-30 CI-4 diesel oil. High detergent. Very clean internals. Had ticking as well. One locked up. All bad around 150K. Problem is oil pumps wore out. 2 were saved with new pumps.

TheGMlover1: Does it still hold oil pressure and did you drain some out and put a quart of tranny fluid or just a little bit

stchman: People need to know that changing the oil regularly is necessary.

AdirondackNY: I remember that was back in the spring of 2008 4 years and no more problems, so much for that mechanic who wanted to do a cam & lifter job

James Erikson: Holy crap. I'm gonna have to do this to my Jeep... cuz its probably the same way, since the lifters are probably louder then that Chevy lol. You can hear it from way down the street! Almost like a rod knock, but I know its not. Wow though.

SkilledEddie: dude your motor is taking a crap! lol

AdirondackNY: for the misfire I would test the injector and the compression for that cylinder. the oil pressure I would test to see if the sending unit is bad and test it with a direct gauge

AdirondackNY: I would change the oil & filter within the next 100 miles and frome here on in ad a pint of Marvel Mystery oil to each oil change hopeing for the best. but from what it sounds like you probably have a damaged lifter that is beond cleaning & if that is the case you would need to replace it.

AdirondackNY: if the seafoam has stopped the tap I would say to wait untill the next oil change to use the trans fluid. if inside the valve cover has black crud built up the trans fluid will break it down over time.

murilloesteban: my chevy 02 same problem so i drain ....then put some trany oil to filter then i ad 4 qt of oil and 1 for 300 miles what type of oil .my sburban takes 6 qt. how many oil

HomeFarmIdeas: @AdirondackNY I was thinking the same thing friend:) LoL!

azimmey: blaming a filter for the mud in the engine, lol....

David Redmon: Like the others on here say the filter had nothing to do with it ..Cheap oil did it ..and if you would do your homework you would know the fram more than likely don't even make their own filters ...just like you think that trans fluid you bought from Napa is the best cause it came from there buy enough of it the bottler will even put your name on it...

rickey maloy: ive never seen a truck that neglected inside or out what an idiot whoever owns it

jon street: I ran into something like this, I work at a local Auto Parts Store we all know it . I still learn new things everyday, but some of my Managers don't even turn wrenches and never have. My 95 chevy had the smallest of taps only at idle, last nite I went and got Seafoam and I'm not a big fan but it did something of the same, parked it and rev. it up to 4k rpms some smoke came out and no tap, should I still try this motr looks nasty through the oil fill cap. I like to learn first hand.

Chevy Vortec lifter & valve tap how to repair it 4.7 out of 5

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Chevy Vortec lifter & valve tap how to repair it
Chevy Vortec lifter & valve tap how to repair it
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