How To Start A Husqvarna Chainsaw

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Dan KH6DAN: I don't know but it looks to me like he doesn't know forward from backwards.

Joe Orbin: Thanks for this video !!

bernard blaauw: Had a husq for 5yrs laid on the shelf used a little echo worked great finally got the energy to screw around with the husq finally got it started she peeters out when ready to cut tried to check the plug needed a5 ft bar what a joke its easer to start the engine on a DC3.

Sajjad Khattak: very nice

Charles Case: I bought a new husqvarna chain saw and used it one day and have not been able to start again. Read all the manuals and tried step by step, still won't start. Let it set all night thinking I might have flooded it, still won't start. Piece of junk. I never buy any husqvarna products again. Sorry piece of crappie. The plastic ought to get a brush pile blazing good.

BigSmartArmed: nope, this one starts totally at random. I keep following the steps but it fires when it feels like it.

Lesson learned - for the price on one Husq it's better to buy 3 cheap Chinese saws for much shorter individual operational life but at triple failure redundancy.

BigSmartArmed: by definition not simple at all, simple is 3 or less steps, everything above 5 steps is complicated.

Riel Gerard: Starting up a space shuttle is less complicated than this. Terrible saw.

J Fowler: I could never get mine started. I have bought cheap saws this whole time and they lasted for years and years. Well, I had a little more change in my pocket and decided to go with a name brand. It is hit or miss I guess, but a pain in the butt. I have a friend who owns a lawn business and he can't get the thing started. So now I have to go through hoops to get this defective item exchanged. Hopefully the next one will start...when I get it in a few months.

Old Timer: 141 Husqvarna doesn't have primer bulb or the top button just have choke pull out that's it...

Jesse Wright: In my experience, those decompression valves combined with the choke lead to hopelessly flooded saws if the weather is anywhere above 40 degrees or so.

Cazzu Cazzu di Scimmia: Ah, the good old days of real search engines when you typed in "how to start husqvarna 240 chainsaw" you actually got results for "how to start husqvarna 240 chainsaw".

JEFFREY BRESNAHAN: Just purchased a Husqvana 135 xtorq, on day one the clutch plate cover retaining bolt nut became loose three times, making both the bar and chain loosen? The third time the metal clutch cover actually fell off along with the bar and chain, the clutch cover retaining nut flew off the machine? The machine has also failed again while starting the machine the internal plastic recoil starter wheel snapped, the machine is totally crap and worthless! The retailer selling the machines has reduced the selling price of the machines, to get shut of them? Don't buy one!!!!

Captain Conner: Ive run both stihl and Husqvarna... once you go Husqy, you'll never stilh again.. all my Husqvarna equipment starts with one pull, every time. Cold or Hot starts. If your using the proper rated JASO FD and or ISO GD rated 2 cycle oil, mixed with 92 octane 50:1 ( 2.6 oz to 3.0 oz of 2 cycle oil per 1 gallon of gasoline) and the carb is tuned properly it will start within two pulls, 3 to 6 pulls for beginners, 2 to 3 for intermediate, 1 pull for Professionals.

If you cant get your saw started, you are not doing something correctly, and or, service and maintenance is not being done on proper intervals.

my fathers stilhs take about 3 to 6 pulls regardless.. and Ive tuned them myself as I do my Husqvarna's The Husqy will also out cut and out perform a stilh of equal power ratio class.

Xman B: I have no issue starting my saw , 2nd pull every time! People need to read info also use 93 octane and stable gas additive!

Xman B: Have had a 440 X-torq for 5 years , sat since June 2016 started on 2nd pull February 26 2017

seanautube: I bought my Husqvarna 460 Rancher already well-used. If I follow all of the steps in this vid for cold and warm starts, it starts every time. Just now, I started mine up after about 2 years of sitting with ethanol fuel in it. I mixed some fresh ethanol free and replaced the old fuel with it first, mind you. It took, maybe 4 pulls on choke. Sometimes you have to clean the plug a bit and all the usual, more frequent maintenance you should expect with small engines plus chain sharpening, but it's a great quality product. There's a reason Poulan began making their chainsaws orange recently (they gave green a bad rep). When I saw that they had done this, I also noticed that all the orange Poulan displays on the shelf were used chainsaws that the store must have received as returns.

foxeslikeblueberries: Gonna leave this right here... NO ETHONOL IN YOUR CHAINSAW. Not today, not tomorrow, Not "I WAS USING 10℅ ETHONOL but I put pure gas and oil in it and it still doesn't work."... NEVER!!!

Bill Baker: Lol... You guys that are complaining it will not start, know nothing about the saw! I have had Husky and Stihl products for years, in a tree service. Husky may be hard to start UNTIL, you learn the saw, how to use the darn thing. It is easy as heck. They will fire right up every time.
They cut through wood like its butter. You got to know how to maintain and USE the saw. Until you understand the saw, you wasting your time. I have models 235 and a 450, which are OLD ones. Hell I have had that 235 for over 10 years, the 450 about 8. BOTH, start right up and STILL cut like razor's.

In comparison to Sthil products, Husky's cut a little faster, and do not lose compression when you turn it sideways. In other words, the 450 is GREAT for dropping and felling medium size trees. That 235 is limber if I ever had one, just zips right through branches that are small or medium small.

Those are the only 2 saws, I let no one touch other than myself.

As for the guy that said if you buy a Husky, you are getting a Poulan, BALONEY! Poulan is FRENCH, Husky is NOT. Poulan is probably one of the most dangerous saws produced. You better off using a weed-wacker. That saw had so many different ways that you could injure yourself it was ridiculous. I think they are made in China now...not dependable.

Also, the person in the video IS engaging the chain brake. You see him flick his wrist and it moves forward! Duh!! I many have put some serious hours on chain saws...because if you have, you would know, this is a dependable product that will last you forever if you take care of it.

James Bowen: Cold starting problem is way more of a task than they lead on to be. I wouldn''t buy another. Maybe its the 10% ethanol gas that seems to be mandated in our gas but the product should handle that.
Shame,... I had a lot of work to do and now I can't do it.

How to Start a Husqvarna Chainsaw 5 out of 5

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