More Fast Indoor Action! With An Upgraded V911

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Ray Henry: I've had waaaaay to many beers, rum & cokes and Crown Royal shots to watch this. I paused it at :44 seconds. The spinning almost made me puke. Happy Holidays!.

TheMaxxxjo: Hollywood directing :)

Adrian Porter: Getting Better!

pavotibio: Go for it, man! The V is great for learning orientation skills and it is super stable also. 2

MartinezDesignUAV: don't ever go left, it's just asking for trouble

aidymp: Thanks man, you will enjoy your V911 they are the best thing I have seen in a long while!

aidymp: Hi, thanks it flys very good out of box the upgrade parts just make it better outside! (Paddle)

Abdul Muhaimin: dizzy *.*

aidymp: the direct links in the description thanks

fishdude666ify: I've got the H911 warbird edition, same thing just different canopy and yes for indoor flight you absolutely can not beat it as far as the price/agility/durability trifecta goes. Very affordable (almost too much so, it's tempting to get one when you don't have the skill to fly it) speed and agility of a hummingbird (again, what makes it hard to fly if you don't already have some skill) and is a flying freaking tank. (meaning you won't wreck it up too much learning to fly it)

roadstar499: I have one on the way with 200mah batts..looks like it may not need the battery forward mod after all

Jan Mancuska: Great page you have there.. aidymp.weebly very helpful, nice and tidy.. cant wait to unbox mine in couple of days.. ill leave a comment later..

Dejan Fonn Kostadinovski: how much is effective flying time ? is the batery quality good ?

aidymp: Thanks! do you fly them?

aidymp: Just practice, practice, practice! or play,play,play! lol only real tip i can offer is get 3 or 4 spare battery and make sure its set up correctly! indoors just using the throttle it should just go up not move forward,backward,left or right! its easy to set up!

aidymp: Who me or the Heli? LOL

kartcross27: Great skills dude! I am starting on RC helicopters and I have one heli 2.5 channel. The V911 is to hard for beginers? I´m thinking to buy a single blades heli V911. What do you think? Thanks and good flights!

AribandusTm: Yes, I've the version 2. Nice hely. But I think I was cheated by the dealer, my batteries last only 4 minutes each

PreD2097: hi dude ! nice fly, but one little question... are you piloting it -in theses condition- in L or H speed mode on transmitter ? thx for answer :)

aidymp: The only difference in the new plug/old plug is the battery the helicopter is the same! It doesn't matter which one you get but just stick to one type! I'm on the old plug and the problem I have is its sometimes hard to get the battery in/out so the new plug may be better in that respect. But other than that they are the same!

aidymp: take a look at my site look in latest news, V911 upgrades!

fishdude666ify: Lol, used to think that so I started practicing it. Now I only fly counter-clockwise circuits when I fly indoors, and can accelerate out of them like you would not believe. All in the subtle aileron/rudder blending.

Fatt Hands: What happens if you you go left?

KevinMillard68: nice flying

abdonjr2000: would you be able to put up the links to the upgraded parts? thanks!

kleetus92: great heli... I love mine to death... cat doesn't like it but the horses find it amusing... I was totally expecting a camera strike there a couple times! Kudos!

bambi: v911 is great for beginners, it can take a lot of beating/crashing, you simply can't go wrong with it. I have mine almost month now, still fly's like the 1st day i got it.

Tacos mananeros: fascinating how did they shrink the Pilots? I've always known believed they have technology to shrink humans.Must of gotten the tech from the Aliens from Ross well crash. that's how the aliens travel as they do they shrink themselves down to a golf ball size. I hope the goverment doesn't find out that you leaked the technology you don't want to end up like snowden. thanks for risking your life. We have your back this world needs to know about this.

Justin Ulloa: The helicopter was itching closer to your throat.

MercuryCobalt: thanks for the video. Is it that precise right out of the box or did you do anything to it?

Mark Jones: Excellent vid. Just ordered mine from Ebay. Any tips?

panasonicultra: i think u use here 200mah

AribandusTm: What a slap! Nice vid!

aidymp: Thanks for the info! happy flying!! ;)

SASraceCAM: check out my video. helicopter vs ferrari f40

Sigit Trisatriyo: which one for good version ? newplug or oldplug ? thx

Danny FromMesa: How about some hovering techniques if you cant hover you cant fly.........................danny from mesa

aidymp: No, that's the stock battery! its had paddles fitted to replace the flybar, the swash is all CNC aluminium, the Main gear is upgraded,

aidymp: Indoors Low - Out Doors - High its too sensitive inside for the High setting!

Sigit Trisatriyo: i hv V911 newplug vers , jst bought from hobbyking, jst in 2 days i play it n then my copter swim in gutter , i know that's my mistake. LOL. after thatmy copter spin it arround cant fly , so.. should i buy new one BNF or change my board ? or tail ? thx bro

vedasticks: if its been in a crash there could be many problems, generally they are quite hardy though. check that theres no damage to the rotar balds, or the main blads, fly bar etc, check the swash plate hasnt seperated, make sure the tail motor is properly in its seat. you can find good setup guides by googling. mine had terrible toilet bowl effect untill i researched how to setup and mod

aidymp: I would just buy another BNF! the wires are small and can be hard to remove the tail! does the tail motor spin? make sure the tail rotor isn't pushed up to the motor body! just loosen it a bit and try or keep it for spare parts!

turboninjastix: Jeepers, how did you not get dizzy ?

Ricardo Monteiro: sturdy little feloow

sirdook1: what exactly did u upgrade ? just the batteries?

Elisee Nicolas: Wow, why am I dizzy lol?? Nice flying mate!!!!

More fast indoor action! with an upgraded v911 4.3 out of 5

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More fast indoor action!  with an upgraded v911
More fast indoor action! with an upgraded v911
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