How To Open BloodSkal Barrow Door - Skyrim DLC DragonBorn

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Remy Martin: this video coulda been 30 seconds

Silver Tora: Finally - I've been stuck here like forever - and eventually started a new character - thanks :)

011rlz: SOLVED

press the mouse button for a LONGER time for power attack, then it will blast out the beam u need, then aim on the red lines on the door

Tivix: please. tell me more crap i dont need to hear.

afsdafsd kek: this stupid crap was bugged for me, had to consol command the blades effect into my hand

Matt Valley: This bug freaking sucks. I can’t even get a beam to shoot out.

Maximus Kelf-Vermeulen: Really good!!! Helped loads! πŸ‘πŸ»

TheWolf Gamer55: There is no red light thing coming out

YourFriendFoxy: Can somebody please help, my bloodskal blade wont even shoot the beam

Chicken Noodle: Thank you


Adrian Cloe: hey I'm retarded. thanks though

The Real Nicky Nurotic: Thank you , you totally helped me . I was stumped, you get a like from me

LethalDose: I still wouldn't have got this crap either way reading the journal or not, thanks πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

Hank Murphy: WTF??? I have been stuck on this freaking door for an hour, no matter how often I hit those stupid freaking red lines they will not operate

Fanatic Boii: Way too early. I discovered it by accident though.

Yung lobster: I then proceeded through the hallway just to get raped by zahkriisos

Dawn Taylor: help

Eternal E: Thank you :)

Zachary Horvath: thanks dude, lol I had the same thing happen with serena.

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How to open BloodSkal Barrow Door - Skyrim DLC DragonBorn 5 out of 5

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