How To Open BloodSkal Barrow Door - Skyrim DLC DragonBorn

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TygressBZ: Thank you!

Dj Cole: Thank you SO much!!!!

Oliver Stoutjesdijk: for me it takes 40 minutes to watch of four minute video

Steve McIntosh: Thank you kind sir!

TygressBZ: Thank you!

ImHyperrrr: ty

SuperKnowledgeSponge: How to swing horizontally?

Benjamin Marshall: you really shouldnt have that slang its kinda anooying. no offense at all btw

sheltomlee: Thanks for the vid, but why are you talking like some trashy street african american?

Donny Wankan: I would never have figured this out. I was even attacking the door. This really helps, but I can only seem to get a horizontal swing when I'm out of energy. Every time I have energy, it's a vertical swing. Maybe my two-handed isn't advanced enough right now.

Patrick Knudsen: Thanks man for the info. Really needed it. I also got that same snow elf armor and Serena 

Alex Hall: Thx nice vid

djmeperry: "you just do a power attack" HOW DO YOU DO THAT!


Jennifer Zech: Thanks so much for the help! I LOL'd several times at your comment about your follower being in your way. LOL! I HATE that. 

MrNinoCro: Thanks

vnbikerbabe: That door was doing my head in thanks for the post!!!

dalpura: Thanks chap

MyGiftToYou: Thanks man! I tried to read the great-grandfathers journal like 15 times, but I still didn't figure it out...:-P

RazzerG: @Mikey McCollum he probably has higher two handed skill level

Cal Exilleration: omg thank you!!! i couldnt figure it out till now.

Drew IsTeen: am i the only one that doesnt know how to open the fricken stone door like 1 minute into BloodSkal Barrow?????

Sergeant1990: You trying to be funny but you arent

wnjay2323: Thanks for the help now that's it's finally on ps3

jean-paul Dehavilland: if anybody else is having trouble with sword not shooting the wave with a power attack at all, then it has bugged out, luckily I saved the game before jumping down, just reloaded it tried again and it worked first time.

gavan0897: thank YOOOOOUUUU

Dan Klinke: How do you do a sideways power attack?

Rasmus KallioKorhonen: IT seems like 39 people have small pickles

shinigami_QS: how far does the energy goes?

Adymao: How do you make the weapon hit to the side?

JagSKX: I just completed this quest the other day. It was actually a bit simple for me. I had one follower along with me; Borgakh (female orc). We took down the dragon priest and it's "minion" with arrows. I use the large chest in front (when you walk into the chamber) as cover. However, my character is relatively at level 71. My archery skill is at level 98. I was using Katria's Zypher bow (30% faster draw) which I upgraded to over 100 damage. Borgakh had an orc bow that does over 90 damage + shock.

rachkeoghhh: Helped massively thanks bud

Alex D: Tips on how do kill the dude in the next room anyone?

Gavin M.: In fact, now that I look at it, that power surge thing, doesn't even show up. like, the "magic emination" thing isn't even there

WuShogun212: You have to hold the attack button and move to the side at the same time.

chaoticpanda64: Wat a coincidence I have the same follower and armor

zachary sampson: now how the hell do i kill the boss?

jacob daigle: your the dog!

60sfreak9313: I did the exact same thing on my first playthrough. I didn't care then because I thought I couldn't take it.

riddleman65: After failing the first couple times to get any direction out of my power attacks I just assumed I couldn't do it. Nice job Bethesda, you really nailed the PS3 controls.

littlemissjaded12345: I would most DEFINITELY, without a doubt.... be tearing my hair out til I'm completely balled by now if I didn't have any access to the internet!! :-( (and I'm female too, with shoulder length hair) :p Thank you very much "WuShogun212" for putting this up on Youtube! I found it very helpful indeed! *puts 2 thumbs up* So confusing indeed! Phheeewww! 8o)

Oswald Cobblepot: Thankyou bro!!!

MrCALGON01: im doing the same attack but its not shooting the red laser thing at the wall

Alec Tarnacki: I appreciate you! A lot...

Mikey McCollum: I'm kinda regretting doing this so early on.. Also how come your bloodskall damage is 39 and Mines only 24?:(

Julie Martinussen: damn, i kept swinging it like a sissy, not realising i could do a powerattack

WuShogun212: You're welcome man and thanks for subbing really appreciate it.

Michael Condon: Thank you so much this saved me so much time!

WuShogun212: It's Ancient Falmer Armor, you can get it by doing the Dawnguard DLC quests.

Gavin M.: Nevermind. I reloaded the game and it worked. thanks for that!

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How to open BloodSkal Barrow Door - Skyrim DLC DragonBorn 4.6 out of 5

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