Briggs And Stratton 8HP Throttle And Governor Setup

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AM OTT: Where does the throttle cable get attached?

Joseph Windham: What is the wire attached to the plate?

Martin Milanoff: During normal operation is that front sliding piece screwed down tight so it doesn't slide horizontally? THANKS

bahattin kilic: kannst du mal foto schicken von vergaser carbirator

Jerry Graham: we're does the red wire go I am missing one on the 8 horse that you can see under the carb

Oficina na Laje: ola amigo eu sou do brasil e tenho um motor igual a este eu gostaria de saber aonde e conectado o cabo do acelerador

Darcy Stronger: where do you find a part number on that motor?

Nicholas Brown: How do you adjust it? my 14.5hp briggs i/c quiet shoots flames and sounds like a derby car lol - im guessing when i pulled evry thing off to clean the carb / bowl / jets - that i had to have done something wrong lol - the rpms are wayyy up there - oh i put a new spring in and that's it - any help appreciated! (huskee i/c 14.5 briggs and stratton Quiet)

Chamblizi The All Mighty!: where you get that fancy bracket at my fingers are dented by ducking with a half hamburgered linkage set up.

Douglas Battjes: choke issue, 7Hp briggs updraft won't run with choke on. Take it off it runs out of fuel and stops. New hose, clean tank, (was clean) carb off and cleaned every thing, the tube, port, What could it be?????

Gabe Whitmarsh: I have this same engine on my gocart i just bought and i think its missing a few pieces not sure though. And the piece that keeps the engine from idoling is always in the on position to when i start the engine instead of it idoling like normal its trys to take off so i have to hold it down in order to idol. Any fix / Solution to this? Thanks!

Jason Landry: Is full choke with the lever up or down? Thanks

Gslash25: this is the first video I've seen that someone has the same engine as me,

dwayne smith: can the govener spring be too tight or loose to work

Denis Salas: I need to know how to disable the Governor just like on the predator engine

Jimmy Forbes: do you know where i can find a rebuild kit for the carb?

Billy Severt: Things are a pain in the ass sometimes,  or at least mine is.  It's an 84 wheel horse gt1100 8 speed (main reason I like it is its lightweight, drive/deck setup is simple/sidemount, and clutch and brake are on seperate pedals/basically a manual tranny setup).

Ran great for a few years then coil gen went bad,  replaced it.  Got trash in fuel (or just crappy gas),  dismantled,  cleaned tank and replaced all the lines.  Then wiring went bad,  rebuilt the entire harness.  Then carb problems started..  mostly due to worn bushings on throttle shaft,  went ahead and rebuilt the whole carb and replacing bushings.

Now I have loping/surging idle and haven't the faintest clue how to get rid of.  valves, gaskets, linkage, governer adjustment, mix adjustment, etc. all good.  Runs fine on a cold start for a few minutes then starts surging.  That or I tweak carb adjustments for 30 minutes till it runs smooth,  then put it in gear or turn deck on...surging again...

Never worked on a mower that's irked me as much as this thing is doing now,  much more and I'll go postal and take the .500 smith to it...

John H: Thanks for posting this. I spent about 2 days wondering why the engine wasnt working right. i had the spring in the wrong hole.

david quintana: I have the same motor but it is on a lawn tractor... Question. It wont run when I throttle down... It runs on choke When I slide down to rabbit it pops and the closer to turtle I get it just dies,.. I let it warm up I cleaned the carb.. Governor seems to be working it trys to keep motor running... Help ... Thanks

Kevin Lundy: Thank you for posting this.  I have been pulling my hair out with a Flo-Jet (1970 vintage)

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Briggs and Stratton 8HP Throttle and Governor Setup 5 out of 5

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