7.5 Inch Short Barrel AR15 Made In Danao

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Eric Guingab: no good danao gun

Ken Tony: direct impingement or piston stroke?

Henry Juan: how to buy that gun can u ship that in manila

Marlon Alviar: ako din gusto niyan pero dikaya sa bulsa

Albert Coralde: pwede full auto yan?

Fapish Villate: how much is that gun?

Suriv Awaken: Danao, Cebu Philippines my friend.

quickzilver3333: What caliber??? The recoil is too much!! This makes me think that it has a greater caliber than the original AR15.

matt fontelera: basta sa danoa dba?ill visit sometime para bumili..

ibrahim miharbi: single shot ra dli moarak

ARJUKAI: ano ba yan barrel lang ang gawa sa danao o pati yung rifle?

Ash: seems too short for a 5.56 rifle.

sampalukan sam: bro sana bigyan mo ako no. mo

sampalukan sam: bro intresado ako sa mga gamit nyo. pano kita makontak???

dan dave: Man can you put it on AUTOMATIC, would it jam?Does an AR 15 made in Danao Jam if you put in AUTO?

MavHunter20XX: Also the KX3 is designed to increase preasure for SBR's that lack gas for cycling, but yeah, as a muzzle brake, it doesn't do much.

marksrig: Only with the appropriate $200 ATF stamp...still waiting for mine.

marksrig: KX3 is not a muzzle brake, but he might find it very useful in directing the percussion of the 7 inch barrel away. The blast from that shorty is pretty heavy

jonnette sabenicio: magkano ang baril na yan,

MavHunter20XX: It may not look like it, but I looked very closely and you can see a couple of notches that I can recognize has the opposite of thumb screws on this type of carry handle

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
7.5 inch short barrel AR15 made in danao 5 out of 5

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