IPhone 3G Whited00r 5.1 Test

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-sonexotic: SNSD - The boys!

Harry Cox: is white door safe for your computer

Sean Fernandez: yeah but you need ios 5.1.1

Sean Fernandez: i tried to download it from cydia and when it finished i hold down the home button and siri comes but my mic doesnt pop up and when i ask it a question it goes on safe mode....btw i have a 3gs

Sean Fernandez: but i do have it on my ipod touch 4g

Sean Fernandez: 3g cant have siri

Mattz Davis: cool

Alex Rossi: is the signal for the phone works???? can i unlocck to use and make phone call?

Keyallumas: Its a modded ios 3.1.3. So most of your apps dont work.


-W.R": its ios 3.1.3 , but the whited00r give all the features on ios 5.2, and almost faster than the iphone 3gs with ios 5.1

solidsnakefovever: how is that 5.0 ???? my iphone runs SUUUUPER SLOWW even over clocked on ios 4.1 yet his phone opens things immediatly

Liam Cooke: Reinstall whited00r...

Liam Cooke: Yes, whited00r is built upon 3.1.3, to give features of IOS 5 so before you comment being 'Smart' do some research.

74pbg: I look's like my 4S Working, but it's a 3G,the only Disadvantage is that you can't install all the new App's since 3.1.3! :(

Bon lala: fail its 3.1.3

Mokshh: Installation tutorial iOS 5 IPHONE 3G/2G /watch?v=HVM-N5jnI1A

Noah King: FAKE! There is no way in hell that that iphone is real, no iphone is that clean XD

rover6751: woww i still says 3.1.3 so u cant get any 5.0 and up apps -_-

Ray Domo: Is this raging ninja?

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iPhone 3G Whited00r 5.1 Test 5 out of 5

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