Lui Calibre Squeaks Live

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Delano Garnette: A lot of people thought he was a little kid they must be disappointed

Hiccup HorrendousHaddock: you should film lui ordering food in that voice at a diner or something :P

MarineSistersUnited: Guys he wasn't using the app. You can even hear him say "Just Kidding" after saying aaahhh into his phone. Plus the description says it was just his voice. Just thought I might help clear that up. :)

Evander Brown: my cousins thought he had a little brother that did it for him when he would play so i proved them wrong

GabeGamesUS: He said "here's my voice changer right here" and showed his phone.

Skold Keef: im shocked lui u r a really talented man

Alaine Gozun: Like this comment if you can squeak your voice

PuRqL3Haz3: hah! 'play it back' lolololl

Jose Reillo: What's that app called

DoritoBrothers: Haha them people thought he used a voicechanger but now it's proved that he don't

Lui Inverse: I find it funny how people don't understand the sarcasm in the video where he talks about having a voice changer on his phone...

Ultimate Gamer: Its not a voice changer its his voice after he said this is my voice changer he said just kidding

Dries Brants: omg everybody thaught it was a programe ( software) but its just him lol

Greensabr200 | MCPVP: he uses a voice modulator. He said it in one of his videos...

Phil chaser: he doesnt use a voice changer? no!!

Jose Guevara: How do you do that?

PhobaphobicKid: Over half of these people thought he used his "voice changing app".......

Masterchief1856: There is some wierd mutation crap happening in his body to make that possible. Jk

Atl YT: i live on sunset cliffs omg sand diego

Ilmari Viljanen: LESSON TO PEOPLE IN YOUTUBE before commenting watch video and read description description said it was a joke No voice modulator or changer Lui really did that voice People get your facts right before commenting So dont comment anything stupid or your gonna get arguiments

SHARINGAN_Stormz: He says just kidding quietly for those who think he has a voice changer on his fone

Komal Esserry: What tipe of voice changer are you useing. 

Bramantyo Ibam: I can't believe that people are actually so stupid to realize that Lui was joking about the phone and the fact that he was using his own voice. Where's their goddamn brain? Please, go back to school retards.

Jaazib Ahmed: Bro how do you do it

hero28: Can't believe how DUMB some people are .... It's ..... His ..... VOICE. ..... And his voice only.

Thomas Doolan: Lui uses life hacks 

Doxtor: omg it's perfect! :D

Zachary Sanchez: How do you do that :/ you should make a tutorial or something :) but your really awsome 

N00BSC0P3R: Youtube just got a new design... are you freaking me?

natty marquinez: Was that his voice 

craig fr: Luis jump in on this. This is his voice no app no gimmicks its just him changing his own voice to sound like a kid. 

Adrianali02: They're so easy to do! No phones included, I can do the voice, any one can kinda easy 

Fateology2001: Is that really him ?

Nicholas Bielecki: I can do that voice to 

Joshua Oh: This is so freaked up in a very weird way.

Sakumin501: Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cuahtemoc Cuernodoria: freaking incredible. Lui do s two minute clip or longer of that crap live. So freaking cool to see.

Joe Johnson: Nice voice changer

HDp Viiral: How

jayksfilms: he was kidding about the voice changer thats his real voice he just makes higher pitched sound

PowerGamer 100: There are a lot of talented voice actors.

LovenoteDigital: That's awesome!

Mason McIntyre: Oh im late i thought he used a voice changer 

PrtKillerZ: Whats the name of the app

sebastiansterup: are you just friends?

driftinxer: Omg lol :)

Matt Warner: Hacks

GumbytheBeast13: not bad

2bajatone: xd

Oscar Gomez: Hey wats up lol

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Lui Calibre Squeaks Live 5 out of 5

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