Lui Calibre Squeaks Live

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Hiccup HorrendousHaddock: you should film lui ordering food in that voice at a diner or something :P

Atl YT: i live on sunset cliffs omg sand diego

Skold Keef: im shocked lui u r really talented man

Dante Corum: Is it a app 

chase herholdt: lui

poker nut: I was the 2000 liker 

Jonathan Kunkle: He is not using a voice changer just look in the description

Cuahtemoc Cuernodoria: freaking incredible. Lui do s two minute clip or longer of that crap live. So freaking cool to see.

Jack Lee: He should do a prank in public with his voice.

Alyssa S: I hope those people who keep asking see this vid -.-

Ricky Narvaiz: You have been using a voice changer all this time. D: well,that ripped my hopes and dreams about the squeaker squad. ._.

Lui Inverse: I find it funny how people don't understand the sarcasm in the video where he talks about having a voice changer on his phone...

Cameron MacDonald: What how how I want to learn you have to make a vid about how to squeak!!!! 

MrElite Tacos: How

Ferderty: How to make it

Mason McIntyre: Oh im late i thought he used a voice changer 

Tammy C: U GOOD

Thomas Doolan: Lui uses life hacks 

Valmir Avdiu: ur squeak voice makes me laugh every time xD lmao

Matt Palser: See I tell everybody he does not use a voice changer

Angela Ratcliffe: Missesmae you are sexy

Erik isop: Im not sure if the voice changer is real...

Austin Doscher: The many things you can do with a gift like that... I envy you

Jacob Cotrufo: U use your phone to do your voice

Isaiah Higuera: Umm hi could u add me on ps3 my name is fear_reaper00 and i am a subcriber

Christopher Tafoya: R they dating or what

nicholas mays: :D ..... 

jayksfilms: he was kidding about the voice changer thats his real voice he just makes higher pitched sound

Dont Know That Gamer: Sunset cliffs! I go there on vacation every year :D

Cristian Marquez: He lets more air out

Valtteri Kurhela: 5/5

sebastiansterup: are you just friends?

driftinxer: Omg lol :)

mwarnerpc: Hacks

GumbytheBeast13: not bad

2bajatone: xd

Oscar Gomez: Hey wats up lol

William Thommen: Wow that's awesome would love to play with you guys again

TheKel56: That their is no... Voice changer app

rahul pagalock: how deos he do it

Ehab Snipes: Did you notice lui do a pedo face at the end of the video

SirSMARTI3: @SirSMARTI3 typing mistake.....

EHTU BRUTES: hahaha that comment was so funny

funnyvidguy1000: He's black?!??!!?!!

7JEH2000: how

Jonathan Rodriguez: How u do that? (:

MinimaniacWill: Lui Sent me here !

southparkdude108: -_- NO he was joking. he said "so heres my voice changer" *puts phone away* its his real voice.

mikeylive98: no he was taking the piss

trollmunchies: The only thing I am jelly about this video is that Lui is next to dat ass ..... ^_^

Lui Calibre Squeaks Live 5 out of 5

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