Tramming A Milling Machine - Square A Spindle On J Head Bridgeport Mill - Pro Tram - Edge Technology

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1995dresser: Been a Machinist for 38 Yrs   been using a 1/4 piece of round stock approx 6inches  long. and bent about 2 inches of it on a 45deg angle  use a drill chuck or 1/4 inch collet and a starett  last word indicator and a small gauge block sweep it over the table and adjust the head . but this tool looks much better and much more easy to use

PJ: 6" Piece of 3/4" alu bar. Drill 3 holes. Piece of round stock in the middle one. Fasten two cheap dial indicators in the other two with screws. $20 and every bit as precise as this.

build wright: you can use just one dial indicator on a single extended length of bar to achieve the same result-----still got to rotate it though

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jacksonlefteye: lock the X and Y?

Ronnie Underhill: Readjust the Knee gibs. Usually on the left as you look at the machine next to main casting of the mill. An easy way to check squarness of the head without checking it with any indicators, is to take a razor sharp endmill, or sharp fly cutter and take a cut off of a aluminum piece. If you see a crosshatch pattern behind the cutter, the head is square. If you see a pattern that's not crosshatched you need to tram it in.. If any gibs need tweaking do it now. Then tram. Thanks folks

sevenhornets: I bought mine a month ago and it has been the best $100 I've spent in a long time. Fast easy and accurate.

bozo28able: I think this is a waste of money. I got by with out one for 40 years and counting. An indicol and a test indicator works just fine.

firstbaldwin: THANKS for proving / demonstrating what I have said for years. Bridgeports are NOT not really precision milling machines, they are UTILITY milling machines, IF REAL precision is needed the machine work is done on jig bore where the ways are bigger than the bed, not the other way around like on a bridgeport mill.

TehkNinja: I freaking hate tramming in a Bridgeport. I spent an hour tramming in a machine and I found out every time I raised the knee to reset 0 the table slid sideways....

Hunter333444: I have one I like it very fast to use and not too expensive thank you

Lance Woolie: 100 bucks

JASCOBAR: This seems too obvious a practical instrument that it was not made in WWII and before.

Rolando Esbueno: I am retired tool maker after 42 years and I made one of these at least 30 years ago! make your own and OH!, remember to tighten your table locks too!

John Gibson: I am now posting this on my dads facebook wall for him to be able to watch this.

jericho8041: do you deliver worldwide?

normangraf: how much does it cost?

benedictmills20: where can I leave my review?

Andrei Quinton: if its edge technology who made this product then I will surely buy one. I always trusted them when it comes to quality

arnie6972: subscribing..i got mine and life is so easier because of Pro Tram System

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Tramming a milling machine - square a spindle on J head bridgeport mill - Pro Tram - Edge Technology 5 out of 5

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