How To: Set Up MagicJack Plus For Use Without A Computer

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Derek Miller: Does the caller ID work listing info like number, name, etc?

Kayakwinds: You mention the need to do the original setup with your computer in order to register. I have the Ubuntu 12.4 operating system. I have read that I will have a problem using Ubuntu and Magicjack. What do you suggest? Can I get around having to use my computer for the initial setup?

brass: Step one use a computer. change title please

Kathy Malone: I cant et connected without the internet it says error ....I thought that the Plus doesnt need internet to operate after it was registered, what Am I doing wrong?

ThePoreproductions: I just bought the new 2014 model today, and it works perfectly. (except for the software, which runs very slow.)

Robert Chapman: I used magic Jack for about 6 years, but every time I talked to people for a long time my call always got cut off after about 30 mins and then have to call them back. I switched to straight talk home phone, much better no dropped calls even after 6 hours of talking. I used regular magic jack and magic jack plus, same problem with both of them.

GrannieAnnieF: Good video, thanks. I also have had both. I just set my Plus up yesterday after not being in use for over a year. I like that it will show the number of the person calling, although if someone's cell phone doesn't register it will show up as "anonymous". Once someone's # shows up in the list you can edit it and add them to the contact list. You can also switch to using a headset if you don't have a phone to connect to it. You can either use the phone to dial your # or use the keypad on the computer, then pick up the phone after dialing. It also has voicemail services and you can have the msg sent to your email. It will show the # of the person who called, with the message attached. I actually received an email with voicemail attached from someone who's # I lost, long after the service had run out (I moved and didn't have the mj with me). So, I was thankful my number hadn't been given away and could call the person back.

keilana6: To Colonel 11947 Thanks for information on the call charges. The last call I made from my MJ+ I received a message saying that I needed a prepaid card or minutes (which I have never heard of). I was calling a toll free number. That was a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to make a call since. I get error 1 message which is "check internet connection". Connection is same as when installed and obviously I am using the internet. Disappointed because I expected reliability and low cost service.

Gammie Juarez: I don't understand why people have to be so nasty. No one is forcing you to watch this video that was so generously made available. If you don't like this one there are several others that you can avail yourself of. There is no need for the nastiness and vulgarity. Is this what we've come to? Thanks Daniel. I was able to follow your video step by step with a screen split between your video and the MJ screens.

Robert Bahna: I have a big home with 6 phones can I use it from all 6 phones?

Sidney Mathious: I have a friend who will be glad to know how that works since he heard of it on television and is wanting to change his service.

Beth E: You can plug this into any outlet!

Daniel Scheer: You could probably just plug it into the high speed modem, but then you couldn't use the internet. Many of the newer high speed modems are already routers. So if you have multiple Ethernet plugs on the back... you are good to go without an additional router.

Daniel Scheer: MJP does not need a thin client at all. You simply hook it to the computer like your original MJ to register it. After that you can disconnect it forever and use the power adapter and network connection only. I have never connected it back to my computer after setting it up for the first time. Good Luck.

Daniel Scheer: Adriaaaaaannnn!

Daniel Scheer: Try chatting with MJ support. I am not officially affiliated with them. You might try a different USB port... but your computer should detect it.

Frank Ortiz: yeah go buy a rotary phone man!

Colonel1947: WARNING- After two years on MJ Plus. I am now without being able to call out because they have now switched me to a prepaid by the minute calls only! They claim it is because certain calls cost them to connect me with others. I was fine for two years & now can't make calls even to MJ customers I referred them too!!. Suddenly every number I call gets a voice message telling I have to first have to buy prepaid minutes to complete the call.

sugarcookiecube: please lose the background music. too distracting and annoying. otherwise, very nice video.

theman7431: What's the sound quality like?

Abul Wafa: UNLIKE WHAT majicjack claims, it is simply a constant headache once yo install it on your computer. No matter how fast your internet is, I am in NYC, it never works properly. I have returned my MagicJack because every other time I tried to use it I had to reboot the software. Plus, the customer servcie is bad. There is no telephone number on their website to reach them.

Daniel Scheer: I use Charter Internet. It's a cable TV based service costing me $30 a month for 12mbps (but it tests out at over 20 mbps.) That being said, MJP worked fine for me when I was using 3mbps too. The whole reason I switched to Magic Jack in the first place was that I wanted out of the bundle. I now pay $90 for cable TV and internet with no phone bundled in. Wish I could drop the TV too!!! lol

LindaLou From Wyoming: I find the back ground music very distracting. It tends to cover you voice up some. I think it would be great with out the music.

skybitscom: but if 3 phone numbers then most cable modems have 4 Ethernet jacks so you can also support 3 MJPs off the one router too. My comments are based on wired of course and only a couple options depending on if you have one number or 3 numbers.

Daniel Scheer: It has to be setup on the computer first.

Daniel Scheer: It either needs to be hooked to a router or internet modem, because it needs a connection to the internet. That being said, if your original mj didn't work... I doubt the mjp will work either.

Kennith Young: Darn, I thought that no computer required, meant no internet required...

Daniel Scheer: Got is online at their website.

Evelyn Gonzalez: Daniel, I am cutting down on my expenses and shopping around. I am gettig the magic Jack PLUS for my phone and faxes. I am in californina what internet service do you use? I want to get some thing fast but not so expensive. I know a lot of the providers out there have bundles only and I don't need them what do you suggest?

upnsmoke hookahian: i just wasted my time watching this u plugged it in ur ethernet so whats the point ur still using ur computer u should make a video without plugging it in ur comp and use it normal

Daniel Scheer: No. There's an option to keep your old number... but if you don't cancel the old account afterwards, they will attempt to bill you when it expires.

barrazy1: Thanks Daniel , Very nice video !!!!!!


gollywobbers: Thanks so much for the information - looks easy as pie and I am going to give it a shot. Great video exercise.

MacBompee: Thanks for the video very helpful!

Mamoudou Diallo: how much does it cost and where can u get it online

skybitscom: I love the music. It was not too loud and very entertaining since the instructions are obviously not complicated rocket science, but more just informational. I love the duck lol. Great job Daniel and thanks for sharing. I will get the mjp soon.

GBpueblo: So you you can make phone calls with this. BUT how about can you send out/receive faxes?

Richard Bekkett: IMPORTANT – Canadian Magic Jack area code availability is LIMITED & the following is NOT made clear. Your Magic Jack # MUST use the SAME area code your land line did/does OR anyone who calls your Magic Jack # WILL now pay Long Distance. Example: if you live in a 250 area code BUT your Magic Jack # has a 604 area code anyone in 250 area code (with cell or land line) who calls you will NOW pay Long Distance. Most Canadians are out of luck UNLESS they “port” their existing land line number

GThoughTz1: Do I need to change my Phone for magic jack plus?

Jeanny Daniel: I can just imagine how big your computer screen is.

Ryan Tran: Why not the app magic jack but a cell phone

Neal Fischer: Hi Daniel, no complaints I really like your video. Just one comment; at 6:53 you click on the blue box which says: "Click here to close this window and begin using magicJack PLUS from your computer" Perhaps you should have clicked on the Green box which says: "Click here and remove your magicJack PLUS to begin using your magicJack PLUS in standalone mode plugged directly into your switch or router." Cheers! Great Video!

Peter A: Connect to your router but you can not call out without further assistance

Daniel Scheer: That is strange. I would contact their online chat support. I have never had a single issue.

1OFGODSOWN: Just remember to dial the area code on EVERY call(Local & Long distance)& it works GREAT & cheaper than ANY long distance phone plan on the planet.Call quality is as good as our regular home phone which we still use for local calls.I recommend MAGIC JACK "PLUS" to EVERYONE I know! {:>)

Daniel Scheer: Yes. There's an option to keep your old number... but if you don't cancel the old account afterwards, they will attempt to bill you when it expires.

J Perez: THANKS 4 the HELP BUDDY !!!

Daniel Scheer: Sounds right... but the MJP could plug into the wireless router which usually has hardwire ports on the back eliminating the need to get a multiport modem. Install like this... cable modem to the wireless to the MJP to the phone. A computer would be needed to initially setup the MJP... but you could use someone else's then uninstall the software from their computer.

Daniel Scheer: Sorry... one of my first videos.

How To: Set Up MagicJack Plus For Use Without A Computer 4.7 out of 5

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