Loss Of Reverse In Your Ford Transmission 4R44E/4R55E

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Anthony Rossi: I have the opposite, reverse works great, butand it is barely engaging in 1, not 2 or drive very clean fliud. Can you tell me whats wrong.

DarkVampire: this transmission is in a 2004 f15 right

surveyguyor: Paul, question, mine is not completely out. If I put it into drive, then back into reverse, it will go into reverse. Sometimes stiff (with a little bang). So am I still at risk of ruining the sun shield or case? Do you think it's my linkage or solenoid? I'll also try an email. Any help from anyone that has had this specific behavior is welcomed. Thanks.

sideshowguy: I have an 07 taurus, it goes in reverse when cold, then after its hot it revs and no reverse, if I barley touch the gas it engages slowly. All forward gears work fine. What's my problem?

Kenneth Perez: What if sometimes you have reverse

Messages from the Master: Hello, My 2008 Ford Explore it will drive forward no problem but as soon as I put it in reverse it seems like it slips then moves as a turtle could it be what your explaining?

carlos gomez: I have 2001 Ford Escape works when it is cold, but when it is hot if you walk backwards but need to use the brake and accelerate pedal,,,,2 whells drive

Rodrigo Volpato: hi Paul, my A4LD got an issue and i think is is related to the sprag system. I did the full rebuild last week, and transmission was good for 8 kilometers, then it break, looks like that the break was activated. For me the sprag was good by hand when i did the rebuild, but i didn't put too much force by hand to test. What do you imagine that I have to check???

the garza family: my Ford Expedition 98 will go in reverse but will not go forward take too long go go forward need help

Britini Pauley: I have a Lincoln navigator and when you put it in reverse it has a had time backing up. It is fine in all other gears. What could be the problem?

Never Sober: My 2002 xlt wont run in drive but everyother gear works fine what do i do please help need feed back

C. M.: I have an 01 4.6 2wd F150. Tonight I lost reverse, and while driving on interstate it was like the transmission would kick into nuetral. I could pull over go to park then drive maybe a tenth of a mile then it would High Rev like in nuetral, then the Transmission would kick back in for about a tenth of a mile. I turned od off and was able to drive 39 miles home and was able to do 60 mph instead of 30 mph. The first issue tonight when I left a stop sign there was a jeek like something finally kicked in, then a mile later it was like tranny kept popping in nuetral then it would drive then high rev, my band aid to get it home was turning on the tow oackage, no reverse at this point regardless of od off button, and forget doing 45 mph unless od is off. No check engine light or any other warning lights displayed.

Gilbert Martinez: Any pics to go with your video? Or else, it's basically watching you talking.

Adrienne Gulley: 2013 Ford Explorer doesn't go in reverse and "shift to park" light comes on after car is fully in park. Just informed that the return spring broke. Anyone else have this problem? Is this a need for a new transmission?

Jonathan Powell: Loss of reverse, check for locked up calipers, and don't fall for transmission scam!

Jerome Richards: Does this goes for a Mazda 6 2003

samoanj23: Well crap. Here I am freaking out wondering wtf it is, and it's the damn band. Mechanic is trying to quote me 1700 to rebuild it. Jesus

MrSnipes2010: I have a question regarding reverse, when the tranny is cold I got no revers, after a few seconds it goes in hard and I get a wrench on my dash.
If I don't go into revers and just drive when the tranny is at reg running temp. It goes in and out with no issues.

Any ideas ?
2011 with Eco boost

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Carlos Ayala: l just replaced external transmission harnesses still same problem

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Loss of reverse in your Ford transmission 4R44E/4R55E 5 out of 5

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