Loss Of Reverse In Your Ford Transmission 4R44E/4R55E

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Ern H.: mine is slow going into reverse sometimes. is this a sign its going out

Steven Bailey: sometimes i have reverse and sometimes i don't what do you think it could be i have a 1998 ford ranger 4x4 4.0 with the 4r44e

Laban Burchette: Was thinking about buying a f150 but after seeing this an the truck already has these exact problems im scared especially sincethey told me it will only go in low and not switch any kind of gears really. I'm thinking just Trans swap. Be great to get someone else's opinion. 

Lynsky71: I have a saturn sedan that has no reverse. However if it is really cold out it does work. And when it does work when I go to put back in forward gear sometimes it won't go forward unless I sit for a few seconds and you can hear it go back in gear.

IAMKING696969: I have a 96 Explorer 4.0 2wd with a 4R55E trans... Anyway, it drives fine in D but only has Reverse after about 20 minutes of driving. Reverse works perfectly when hot but not at all when cold. I'm also getting a DTC that says Turbine Speed Sensor but can't remember the number right now. Any ideas as to what could be causing my problem?

Nate Brooks: I got lucky when my tab was broke it did not cause any other damage. I have never worked on a transmission before but getting the trany out of a 98' ford ranger 4x4 was really easy, took half a day, and tearing down the trany took a few hours. valve body was good, but the reverse band tab was broke. ordered the new parts, all new gaskets, seals, all bands, and friction plates (the teeth are stepped on the old ones). Probably take another day to get the new parts in and the drive train back together, but all in all super easy (and for $250 in parts, very cheap). I have no idea why people are so scared of rebuilding their transmission, I mean compared to rebuilding engine this trany is super simple, and dose not have that many parts. People transmissions and engines are amazing precise mechanical machines with 1000ths of an inch accuracy, one little thing off and it they will destroy themselves!!!!! If it makes a sound, or behaves "differently" then STOP and its time to check the mechanics. you could go from a $42 reverse band, to a cracked case and have to pay $1000's..............

Mohamed Muhijden: Hello I don't know where to began but I have bought a ford mondeo 2.5 v6 2002 automatic car about 2 years ago. And recently it started making some loud noises/vibrations around 43 mph, lower and above that the car behaves normaly so I thought it was nothing and kept on driving like that. Until one day when I got out of work and was on my way home. As I was driving, I came to the red light and stopped the car, when the green light went on. I tried to move but the car made loud noises and it didn't move forward as it would. And I smelled a bit of smoke, coming out of the car engine. Suddenly the car didn't move at all, only in reverse. I didn't find any problems with driving reverse, only driving forward was not working at all. Later on I took the car to a local mechanic, And they informed that I hade to replace the transmission. Even though it costs me a lot, I managed to buy a new one. When the mechanics put the transmission in, suddenly the car was moving forward normally. And lastly when the mechanics put the transmission in, we tried to see how it worked. And we found out that the shift box in the car only worked when we pulled the P (park) to D (drive) as fast as we could. At that moment the car managed to move forward. On thing we found again was when I drove at 43 mph, the car made noises and vibrations again. And on top of that the car didn't want to drive reverse. I really would want your help at this momet, so please help me. I think the problem is not in the atomatic transmission, but in the gearbox. so please help me and sorry for my bad english

nikki england: Jack up the battery and slide anew car under it is a possible solution. :D

SoVAWoogieBoogie: Hey guys, is this problem accompanied by any type of sound? I have a 98 f150 that wouldn't move in reverse and had a buzzing / rattling noise. In just 12 hours it went from only occurring in reverse to happening in drive as well. After hitting a bump in the road the vehicle will no longer engage in drive or reverse. Noise is still there.

Joseph Carter: Looks like my exact problem, I have 183000 on the truck should I instead get the transmission rebuilt instead of just the tab fix considering the miles? Never had any slipping, all gears seem to work fine other than no reverse.

SoVAWoogieBoogie: Hey guys, is this problem accompanied by any type of sound? I have a 98 f150 that wouldn't move in reverse and had a buzzing / rattling noise. In just 12 hours it went from only occurring in reverse to happening in drive as well. After hitting a bump in the road the vehicle will no longer engage in drive or reverse. Noise is still there.

Hillarparn1: Thanks for the info. Sure don't like ford right now because my Explorer won't go into reverse. Checked the O-rings on the servo, ok. Jammed a screwdriver up against the belt, rattled everywhere inside the casing. Annoying! Well, thanks a lot for the info. Now I have to go brake my piggybank. 

lchacon: Is there a way you can tell if you need the reverse band replaced or if the sun shel is broken. By sound. Mind sounded horrible today could drive faster than 25mph

MurderFaceXD: I'd rather just buy a new Transmission 

loudon jenkins: Mine goes into reverse and moves under its own power at idle but when you touch the gas the slightest bit its like it kicks into neutral. Ideas?

Mike S: I have an 05 ford f150 4x4 . i t has reverse when its cold but after it gets hot no reverse. Just changed fluid and filter. So whats the deal ,,thx so much

Emmanuel Bravo: I have the same problem with my explorer. Can i keep drive like that with this problem in the transmition???????

John Doe: I have a 98 Ford Explorer Xlt Fully loaded, v6 4.0L, with the 4r44e transmisson. The car has 227,000 miles, but I keep her running strong. My reverse band has just broke. I'm going to rebuild the transmisson, hopefully this transmisson rebuild will reward me with another 200,000 miles of solid driving. 

tobysoter: My 4R44E is stuck in limp mode, it will up shift from 2nd gear 

john inphilly: hi i have a 1991 ford mustang 5.0 with auto aod trans ....car been not driven in about 1 year or more everything works BUT NO REVERSE ????....you put it in R it kicks but go no where WHAT CAN IT BE .???????

Jeremiah Hatfield: I have a 98 ranger, 2.5L with 2wd and recently hit a bump and now I have no reverse nor do i have Overdrive. I'm pretty sure that i have a 4r44e. What is most likely my problem?

blueovalfan23: you ever see a tranny lock up? my brother's ranger had a couple jerks on take off for awhile, no slipping or jerky shifts though. yesterday it just died at a stop sign. the motor was running great but we can't even budge the motor. given the way the tranny was acting, we suspect that's the issue. any thoughts?

tom mac: i was replacing my 95 4x4 auto Explorer valve body gasket and trans filter due to O/D light flashing. Put it all back together top it off w fluids. Now I dont have reverse gear. Any idea why draining the fluid and replacing valve body gaskets cause this to happen?

transmissionguy1: Hi Dave thanks Glad could be of help

David Hoff: Forgot to say they replaced the TC also ...

transmissionguy1: Another problem with these transmissions is the overdrive and interm servos wear out the servo bores. If this happens you replace the case. You can sleeve the bore but that is costly and time consuming . Now the what you can do to stop this from happening is on the very end of the servo pin chaffer the sharp edges of the end. this should keep the bore in good shape.

Richard Partridge: Hi Paul I have a 93 Explorer v6 auto 4x4 it sat for 29 months the tranz fluid was to low to see, topped it up, started on the 4th try & stayed running on the 7th but no reverse put it in revese or nutral & it still wants to go forward, I have to assume its a stuck valve or something like that, even on a hill it wont roll back wards, to go back wards I have to shut the truck off,constant forward pressure when running

chris t: I understand this is a common problem - but you mentioned servo not working too - my band was replaced and was not broken originally - but had no reverse. Can you explain what the other problems could be for no reverse.- thanks

David Hoff: I just had the rear band break on my 98 Explorer and want to say thanks for confirming this was what happen. Cost me $2300 at AAMCO but drives much better than before, can feel TC working better and feels like more power even. They replace kit, sun shell seals, and labor was $1100, not cheap. And not a good time for me financially, but cars not good if doesn't drive and only has 130K miles, leather package, V6 with low 4WD, so am happy with the car that feels new again.

carpetcleaner411: what is it when you drop the pan and there is a little strut laying in the pan. I pulled the valve body and i saw where the strut goes. I was able to put pressure on the band and reinstall the strut. What caused it to come out? Am i wasting my time? will it come out again?

SuperPeggy1: ok i have reverse but when i put in drive it shuts off hard...whats up with that..just put new torque in

hanratty450: The 4r44e is the biggest piece of crap iv ever seen had three trannys put into my explorer 2 under warranty and every time it was 1 gear. Pure junk

Matt Bickford: 1999 - this is the 2nd transmission. Can't call right now but thanks for the offer to do so. Funny thing - the shop that does my regular maintenance calls it "The combination truck" now- due to the sequence needed to get the transmission to engage. :)

transmissionguy1: I am going to add another video on this transmission in a couple of weeks. If you need the bonded valve body plate please call us at P&J's engine & transmission rebuilding 269-492-8972 the cost is 70.00 this includes shipping.

Amesie's Corner: Good vid. Is there a good way to tell if you have a broken reverse band tab or a servo/gasket issue? I can pick up a good condition exploder with the no reverse issue. I would suspect no without taking down the valve body.

transmissionguy1: Ok need more info here

transmissionguy1: You will have to drop the pan and check to see if any metal or friction material is in the pan. You may have to clean up the valve body and check the o rings on the solenoids.

Matt Bickford: Thanks for the video Paul. I have a 2WD Ranger with a 4R44E with a similar problem - it has no reverse UNLESS the Overdrive is turned off, Drive is selected first, then Reverse works at about 60%. The O/D has to remain off until highway speed is achieved, then can be turned on. When the truck slows to below 45 MPH, the O/D must be turned off again or the transmission will begin to slip. I've been driving it this way for almost 2 years - I baby it - but it has become annoying. Your thoughts?

silvestre lozano: kia sephia 2001 automartic when i put reverce go forewared

Jonny Hoppman: Very informational video. I have a q. I have a 96 Explorer 4.0 that has no reverse, but it has 197k on it. I also have a 5R55E tranny that i pulled outta a 98 Explorer. It won't fit on, correct? What would be the cheapest option to fix this? I do ALL DIY no mechanic shops do this for me. I do it all myself. Should I swap the valve body from my old tranny and put it on the 5R55E tranny, or should I just find another 4R55E, or do what this video describes? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Zane Howard: You did not tell why the tab broke. It is just going to break again if the relief switch(dont know the proper term) is bad or if the shifter linkages are not lined/ adjusted right. Thanks for the info though! This was very helpful in that I did not know how the servo could have gone bad.

transmissionguy1: you have to have the exact transmission go in that's coming out, the power train computer is setup for a 4r44e not a 5r55e.

transmissionguy1: Yes I can, the valve body gasket on the bottom side where the valve body meets the case has a problem of blowing out where the reverse servo cover bolts down. Ford came out with a fix for this, they offer a separator plate that has a bonded gasket on both sides. This will stop the no reverse problem if the band is still intact.

bob norwalk: i get reverse but only if I step on the gas

Daniel Cardona: I lost 2nd gear but had reverse and 1 3 4 gears so I been driving my 95 explorer with 300,000 miles like this for a few months what I do is accelerate to 25 or 30 mph in gear 1 let off the gas it drops into gear 3 and keep going.

Ron Simmons: I have a 1999 ranger with the 4r44e. I have my O/D light blinking after reaching a certain RPM or speed( usually 3rd gear/40MPH). First gear is shifting pretty hard...it usually shifts harder once that O/D light starts blinking.I still got reverse and all my other gears but first and sometimes second shift well. Any idea? thank you

Jonny Hoppman: Yeah, I ended up having my 4R55E rebuilt for only $400. I just had to remove and install. I have another Q: Ever since I put my trans in, the O/D light has been blinking, the trans takes 3-9 seconds to engage in any gear, and it doesn't EVER kickdown. Hafta let off the throttle for it to kickdown. What could be the problem? It is leaking at the transfer case-trans seal BTW. I was thinking the EPC solenoid, or a bad trans cooler. Ideas? Thnx

transmissionguy1: The servo does not go bad normally, but the reverse band has a week point right where the servo meets the band tab.

Daniel Cardona: Personally I hate ford transmission the band design is retarded.

asalasch: I own a explorer 1995, Can I use a 5r55e intead of a 4r55e??

Loss of reverse in your Ford transmission 4R44E/4R55E 4.8 out of 5

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