CO2 Blown Hash Oil

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zach layne: they ass look blowd

HoodMuscle23: @uxwj4258 why?

oh yankee: I just smoked some blue dream and that floating bud is really tripping me out.

manicureist: @GrimRefer421 the crap really IS floating ...and ROTATING too! :O lol..excuse me..i'm high :D

Fronbondi Skegs: I luv watching you pair of stoners lol ... Yup - go for a nap

StreetKilla93: yo wtf. i need to know how that nug was freaking floating in mid freakign air what the freak....freak

Oscar Gonzalez: That Nug Is Just Floating There ! Lmfao >.<

StickyGtree: Who smokes erl with a lighter!?

SB_HEAD: @HoodMuscle23 because all he cares about is nuggetry and he left medical marijuana bootcamp. Tang, Gil, could ya'll let us know your opppinionss? Thanks.

Eric Cote: thats the dirtiest co2 ever! EW! if you want clean peachy co2 go to hhc sj or green door sf

MaRz 710: LOL nice save there Gil... "Maybe there is?" :P

LosAngelesFresh1: @deww33d34 its a christmas ornament display thing (that rotates to show the ornament) that they just shoved nug on top of. ive had quite a few of these never thought of using it for this tho lol

gat166: if you look theres a small black wire or something holding off the black thing on the table

Dolla Dolla Bill Yall jr.: what was that spray he kept spraying after every hit?

TheZacdes: Unless its mass hysterical, hallucination,yeh, def a bud hanhing on fishing line, spose they needed to jazz up their narssicisistic bong session,lol

spotlightman1234: @AlexandTimmyable A lot of people say white lighters are bad luck, so I just made a joke.

thehawkman100: PROFESSIONAL

suchadambidiot: @Smokinkillkill i miss the bootcamp though=(

Melanie Barihe: @deww33d34 lmfao what the freak!

Turd Bedurd: strap a dome on them rigs and make that oil a lil more efficent

Jason Errlman: ahahahahahahaha lmfao!!

69jackgardner: i wanna smoke it n float aswell

kingX777: i need to get the hell out of florida

jtink909: Gil wanted to take Tang to bed it seemed like..... lol wtf...

RadfordGT: white lighter -__-

josh wiles: where is chubbs

ladron775: Fukk chubbs

IAmSuchANerdLol: what's the purpose of the water

iwan tokilu: no, most c02 oil has more thc in it than golden honey oil. look at the lab test bro

Bryan Scruggs: @Noleafunburned Because everyone that smokes weed is a badass motherfreaker that isn't nerdy at all right? After all, that's why you and the 10 people that thumbed up your post are watching videos of people smoking weed on youtube.

Reck less: mos def

alaskaboy77: @420srhrings Oh okay works for me. Either way If I was medicated Itd be trippy as F*** have a good days guys and happy toking

AlexandTimmyable: @spotlightman1234 that makes no sense

1goptimo: How can I form the California version of rhos show. Got a sub out of me!!!!!

TheSoCalHerbs: who else was trippin' the freak out about that floating nug?

BlandesTea: Sweet shirt tang, the big lebowski!!


Fruzio95: 2:42 look on eyes :DDD Peace!

PuddingPatties: Is there a bud just chillin' there in mid-air, or am i just really high?

lodgi0101: u guys just have to tease me :D greetings from finland.....

yeadogga: @Smokinkillkill lol tang is cool too

deww33d34: @OhhMiicrapt its just chillin, floating, rotating like wtf right

MetalxXxMayhem: @PuddingPatties I think it is!! WTF?

HoodMuscle23: @uxwj4258 Haha ya so do I the dude cant smoke lol, hes a nice guy and I got nothing against him but Chubbs aint no sell out. He stacks paper and smokes concentrates all day cuz he can and if representing your company in order to make money is selling out then ur just a freaking idiot.

deww33d34: whats up with the floating rotating nug of weed?

Realville420: that crap looked green!... wtf!

Pothead69iz: @Noleafunburned And who cares?

Ganjarillah: ....?

1410wizzy: anyone know the song?

TheZacdes: Guys, it can only be so powerful, once you have good, no residue oil, it dont matter crap how it was made, its NO stronger than any decent extract!!

CO2 Blown Hash Oil 4.6 out of 5

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CO2 Blown Hash Oil
CO2 Blown Hash Oil
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Co2 hash oil
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