Van Helsing Colossal Reels Slot Machine. Max Bet $1022.00 Won With Retriggers!!

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Laurence Banks: my personal opinion is that if you had not stopped the spins several times, you might have done even better.

Филипп Виноградов: Imagine 8-10 retriggers in a row and then full screen of wilds on final free spin. 

Matthew J: With that many spins I would of expected a whole lot more.

Yvonne Garcia: Awesome win! Congrats

new life: gay gamblers are so lucky lol

Christopher Gay: Congrats man. Low win on a 5 buck bet with five retriggers though

PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff: for some reason there was software updates that got rid of some features on colossal reels games like the lightning effect on this one when a wild reel transfers over.

adaboy4z: They dont pay like that. Theses are tight machines but u got paid.

billfromwi: Matt Hydeman....  You are a dreamer... Those types of slots are the tightest slots produced.  Got that info from a casino employee... several types of slots in casinos are the money makers for casinos.

billfromwi: Want to bet that machine has been taken out of service....  It slipped past the "Tight  As Hell Settings Department" at the factory

SlotPlayerD: Super deal. I have never seen that many retriggers on this game before either. Congrats!

Paiute773: Oh, man I love these colossal machines..EPIC WIN!!!!

blshtry1: come on dracula

Matt H: Kathy R -- actually they DO pay like that from time to time.  Just because you have crappy luck with them doesn't mean it's applicable to every player.

fireice2037: I like these machines because you can play on 20$ for a good while going up and down up and down. But big wins are hard to come by on these machines. Its good if you just want to screw around with a 20 or two and have a good hour of fun.

PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff: i really miss ur new videos. hope everything's okay with you :)

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Mr.Perry: for a $5 bet this is pretty weak if you ask me.

maccaronniboy: haha what kind of trick is this thats crazy i played this and it took forever just to get the free play that machine was loving you excellent win

Mystery69: I cannot believe the couple of times you were able to stop the reels on such nice wins....the other times you tried and failed I just shook my head.

Van Helsing Colossal Reels slot machine. Max bet $1022.00 won with Retriggers!! 5 out of 5

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