LGR Plays - Farming Simulator 2013

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Noel Goetowski: On the subject of leisure activites, they should have procedurally-generated environments around the farm for the player to just walk around in an explore. Nature walk sorta thing.

Noel Goetowski: 16:56 Is that MATT DAMON?

Musthegreat 94: I was eating pizza. Then I got a pizza ad.

Are they watching our cameras?!!1!!??

Th3VG7: As an avid player of Euro Truck Sim I actually thought this game might be fun, but I am not gonna lie, you made it sound not fun at all lol.

Artyom Hunter: There’s no mod support from the developers website anymore but there’s still some places you can get mods from.

clannkelly: Oh my god if only three point hitches were that easy. I frickin' wish.

AnythingGoes: Hey LGR if you haven't you should try Silent Hunter 3 and or 4 they are very fun and detailed WWII submarine simulators.

MetalheadBuser: I have never realized that this was a thing for non-german speakers. I mean sure here in Germany many people know it because people that like that farming crap love the crap out of it, but the majority can't do anything with it. But it seems that they are really really successfull with that kind of game. But for the mechaniks and crap it at least knows what it does.

Leslie Seery: Clint you are so entertaining. I rewatch this video all the time because it's just so funny! Thank you for making great videos.

Rasmus Nielsen: GmBH Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung

J.T. Illingworth: I love this game so much. It's so addicting but I play 2015

RoBabi95: i thought i was the only one that played this game

Holly Wilsey: Ever play Putt-Putt Joins the Parade? I think there's ~12 lawns to mow there. Even though you only have to do 1 to beat the game, I used to do them all because it was soothing.

Amaranthus616: Id like a farming game that lets you design your own farm layout. Dunno if there are any.

RuffyT: idk, after GTA V, a game like this would just be too "calm" :)

harryz567: Is there a cow simulator?

biboKralle: :D You, sir, are weird in an entertaining way!

The Creator: all I really did in this game was make alien signs in my crops and run cars into trees with a tractor

MRTOWELRACK: I thought I was crazy for loving lawn mowing in Bully (I made many $1000s off it), but I'm happy to see I'm not alone. I didn't even beat Bully btw and it's a great game. I put more interest in stupid crap like collectibles. The sight of blue rubber bands still gets me excited.

Evan Freudig: You are welcome, you really need this mod if you are not doing multiplayer. You can probably catch some you tube videos that show you how to use it. Keep it mind that it is not perfect and sometimes you still have to micromanage things. This makes this game much more playable.

LGR Plays - Farming Simulator 2013 5 out of 5

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