Navy Arms 44. Cal Black Powder Revolver

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Ronald Lakin: That's not a Navy its a Confederate copy know as the Leech and Rigdon Revolver witch can be seen buy it having a round barrel where the 1851 Navy had an octagonal barrel.

Don't tred sway: Is there a way I can convert this gun to cartridges/regular .44 cal bullets?

GunsNpolitics: Very nice. I am wanting to get one of these that will accept a conversion cylinder to shoot .45 long colt. BTW, I'm glad you fixed the sound on your Puma .44mag video. I love that video.

MultiWizzler: First, this isn't the 1851 Navy, it's more likely to be Leech & Rigdon revolver used by the Confederacy. The 1851 Navy had an octagonal barrel. Check it on Google. Second, this is a Pietta made gun, easily recognizable by the distinctive "tail" on the grip. The frame of your gun is brass but it's weathered and pitted and looks like iron. Pietta manufactures guns that never existed like the .44 caliber Navies. This gun was originally a .36 caliber just like the Navies.

Lobatschewsky: Do you know where can I get the loading data for this pistol?

pantleg1: hardin used 60 army!

Biclops Bob: @unpicked1 .....grandpa's rock.

benel estevez: coool gun even older than the gun he used in his first Indian movie jons

WhatAreYouSaying?: @Westfak You are a freaking retard.

Sherrifs Forge: @TheAlexagius more guns are legal in england

mnoel2007: @yllibotiv He used a .36 caliber. Traditions makes a replica now.

Brandon Mcreary: @Westfak Dude this isnt medieval, medieval didnt have guns. Man did you replace your brains with crap or some thing?

HsingG32: this gun looks so nice

nzigen31: You got a beautiful piece of work! cheers

unpicked1: @Westfak Your a few hundred years off, Einstein.

deepwoodskentuckian: @katazone from the markings it is one of the older ones they started making well navy arms did back i think in the late 50s to early 70s. its quite the pistol as the majority you see are made by uberti pieti and others these days

Curly27784: @SWAT487 You are correct.

Curly27784: @svn43075 That is a cap & ball revolver. If you loaded and capped all 6 chambers and then "rested" the hammer on a cap, the gun would most likely discharge if you dropped it and it landed on the hammer. However, most '51 Navy revolvers have a notch in between each chamber where you can rest the hammer safely, allowing all 6 chambers to be loaded and capped.

Alec Flood: beautiful. they don't make 'em like they used to.

lee sherman: The black powder people say all steel is the way to go.

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Navy arms 44. cal black powder revolver 5 out of 5

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