Shooting The Ruger SR-22 Pistol With Threaded Barrel & Suppressor -

What do you think about this video?

Harris 81G: Good vid

Brendan Quinn: excellent comparison

MESO HANO: Looks humane and acurate

Jeffrey Adams: No issues, keep it vlean

Jeffrey Adams: Love mine! Likes all LR ammo

Jeffrey Adams: It's tough to live here sometimes for sure, I got my permit in 5 months, ccw was automatic, no restrictions

Jeffrey Adams: I live in NY the suppressor is a no no

ZACHARY TURNER: and he's on ruger road

Mandy Gibbons: Thanks for the great information. Can't wait to get mine

MagnumDB: Thanks so much for this! Was curious how to put on the threaded end for a suppressor. Very good video, appreciate all your information!

CTROCK: the ruger sr22 and the Smith&Wesson mp 22 pistol which gun is better?

HB Legal: I purchased a SR 22 today. The Ruger SR 22 manual states "turn the barrel cap clockwise to loosen it." I am glad I found your video as you show the manual is not correct. As with most threads, you have to turn it counter clockwise to remove or unscrew it. I was tightening it as opposed to removing the cap. I will be calling Ruger in the AM. Thanks!!

mashuntis shanklin: how much u want for that

skankhunt42: I might have to learn this on mandolin.

BlindShooter Declan: Good video! when buying a firearm if the details of it say it has a threaded barrel does it mean you can put a silencer on it?

Joey P: Love your flag at the end brother... that's why I'm moving OUT of Connecticut and to VT and FLA... - Liberals suck

Allen Sharako: I laughed at "now you just gotta figure out its a pistol" I love this guy such a great little video too, I subscribed.

jrobers33: Agree with Ronal Cash - very insightful.

Random Vids: "Now you have to figure it out on your own if it is a pistol"  LOL!

Shooting the Ruger SR-22 Pistol with Threaded Barrel & Suppressor - 5 out of 5

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