ELECTRICAL DETONATOR Easy To Make (homemade)

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donzaliko: damnn! so easy thanksss dude

wovelscotch: Whats that big ball o wire there you used to hold the copper wire together?

plzcallmebabe: that is seriously smart!

FPJ666: Question, if i run the wires a5-10 foot distance, will it still have the same effect as quick? or will I need I higher power battery since the wires are longer?

GasMask Saxon: nice vid. technical point, that's not a detonator, it's an ignitor. that can't light high explosives.

nejcar92: @masry2011able steel wool

Χρήστος Μήτσης: it didnt work maby because i have brown matches?

nejcar92: this si reply to all comment's that say that kids get crazy idea yust because of my vid i tell you what if kids blow up school or anything they are mentally ill this video is made just for long distance detonating that is safer than light firework's with matches or something! so plz stop or i will have to remove my vid!

BOBBY BURKETT: r u putting the stool wool on both sides of the wire or just one?

nejcar92: it can if you add some other stuff like RDX or TNT

Isaac Bradbury: @wak667 most plastique explosives use extreamly sensitive chemicals (like rdx) but are made easier and safer to handle by the plastic (keeping it still very powerful but less sensitive, so you can drop it, throw it, etc.).to detonate a c- composition or any other plastique explosive for that matter you need a high grade detonator (electric detonator's ignite a form of a very sensitive explosive) which in turn will ignite the plastique explosive.matches flare up and will not ignite the explosive

jfernandmy: I would like all video tuts were as easy as this one. Thanks man!!!!

randomcrazyness: only if the steel wool didnt melt off

Marv Arc: will it work??? XD

escceltic: if i was to make it say 20m long and i soldered up 3 or 4 9volts to the one set of leads would it work.. im using standard wire thats on tvs radios hairdryers etc

twiilightmidna67: what is the son i like it =)

Игорь Кудрявцев: Это не детонатор - это запал....

orpingtondood: do wires have to be the ropey kind or can they be one solid copper line ?

nejcar92: it hasnt failed on me yet

turkey1293: no u cant

seanwilliams78: I could have just lit the damn thing with my hands 100 times before I made one of those. lol.

puertoricoindepencia: @ihavecojones Oh shut up, I'm 13 and I can conduct Guerilla Warfare I studied it since I was 11 years old (school library's) I have always wanted to make Puerto Rico free I have the knowledge and I'm a good Motivational speaker, I could conduct Guerilla Warfare and use bombs (id use books to guide me)

TheTutMasta: @KoesKoes99 Lose Yourself - Eminem

Anton Arponeva: what is this song?

Jakob Meglič: lejga slovenca :D

Basshead Curry: simple enough. ill try it in a salute.and post a vid response

Madapaka73: all i hear is the song not the instruction proper. dude would you please re adjust the audio

ihavecojones: :)) HAHAHA...you guerilla warfare...oh grow up kid, ever held a gun and fire it...acuretly?.... ever killed anything, like killing and skining a lamb or even easyer a chiken and prepare it yourself? , i'm not even starting to speak of killing a human being while looking into his eyes. you kids are playing games like counter-strike , read a book and believe that u'r the next Rambo...do you think it's that easy and they do it for fun?...they do it in necesity...GROW UP!

rodrigopocoyo11: nice! but i know that is a copper wire but what thickness of wire do you need?

archangel1092: When I use this, it's going to change all of our lifes, and i'm planning to do it soon.

warhammermichael: ummm 2copper wires

nowoolovermine: For freak's sake lose Da Musik

raptorrochester: @yomumisminging Try sparkler bomb- Thats what your looking for.

WickedMemory: @archangel1092 -You can use the timer detonator,or cell phone detonator. -BUT you must to get a blasting cap (hard to get, is a high explosive and sensitive, to the sock, friction,heat, flames, to be able to ignite with a spark, and its REALLY POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS, ENOUGH TO BLEW UP YOUR HAND). -That blasting cap will ignite the booster (is a powerful high explosive), that will ignite the TNT, with a strong but small, concentrated explosion. Results -- Dangerous TNT explosion. STAY SAFE!

archangel1092: @LithiumChicken freak! message me how to make an electric detonator for Tnt pipe bomb please.

JamesRB1995: nice!!

bosanjero2: hehe vžigalice slovenac.

Tom Baumeister: Could I detonate a small amount of HMTD with it what would be a detonator for a large amount of TNT??

Rikka Takanashi: His grope is till alive and they sure want revenge! Muhahahahah

masry2011able: @nejcar92 pardon ?? i dont got it >>what its role in this experiment

Barack Obama: does it also burn with a 1,5 volt norm battery ????

Blake Smith: has this ever failed on you. do any offyou think it could fail

Santrielus: Guns are no fun. Wire a detonator to a motion-sensitive 20$ alarm and press "on" from your remote to arm it. Once the target/someone triggers the sensor, BOOOOM.

DawwwidW: It depends on how long your wire is. But 3.7V is too low voltage if u want to have at least 10 meters of wire.

Aaron Fisher: Any type of steel wool i should use?

THEmochtasPRODUCERS: really good vid...

Spondoolic: its all well and good making this video but just make sure that Binladen dose't have a Youtube account! : )

ghhdtui: Without Matches

escceltic: Anyone out there know how this craic works ? Im using multi strand copper wire..plasti insulated except an inch each side as shown.. i used 5amp fuse wire(quite fine).. Wouldnt work... I then tried a strand from a brillo pad (steel wool) but i was like trying to use hair , so i rolled it up like a sausage.. Still no joy.. Im using the 9v batt. as shown.. Havnt connected matchs to it tho.. Absolutely no change is happening... Can anyone recommend anything ? Thanks in advance

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ELECTRICAL DETONATOR easy to make (homemade) 4.6 out of 5

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