Samsung Galaxy S3: How To Install & Format A Micro SD Card (SIII, I9300)

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anis jasmin আনিছ জেসমিন: My sd card inside mobile but problem is not show sd card

D Christ: How come you'll the only one formatting the sd card and no one else is and yet it'll still be ok w/o formatting it?.

Matariki Nesbit: Thank you so much! Your tutorial helped so much! The video is the only one that worked for me! Ty! I just subbed

Sara Spence: Outstanding! Thanks so much.

Anthxny: Thank you so much

paul113757: Thanks very helpful

Awesome Adrian: Thank you so much. Jeez that took me awhile to figure out.

Awesome Adventures TV: Actually this video is for nub's that don't know how to do it.

pankaj Kumar mehra 1735: freaking man madarchod

Sebastian Ademola: Thanks

wesley thomas: I have mounted the new 32 gb card but when I scroll down to mount the card , that part is not lit up as an option .?

Muhamad Fadhil: my galaxy ace plus S7500 can't detect my sd card :( help me

Joy Smith: Can u take pics off one phone put on an sd card then use that same sd card in a new phone with ur pics from the old phone on it? Thanks.

Paul C: thank you

Mohan Ks: j

Low Flo: everytime I clikc mount it says that "sd card is safe to remove"

Benz Bella: I had a question my phone is being hard I don't understand why it's not letting me open my gallery.

Naina mehra: I have 14 gb sd card but don't allow me to installed large amout of games what should I do now

Bev Pines: I've got an SD card in my S3. How do I see what's on it and what's stored on the phone itself (would that be the SIM card?). Trying to figure out how to transfer videos from phone to mac. Thanks!

Tonaki Tallie: What's the highest sd card you can use on a s3?

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Install & Format a Micro SD Card (SIII, i9300) 5 out of 5

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