We Almost Went To JAIL! - A Reseller Horror Story! EBay Buying / Selling

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Howard Luken: Almost went to jail... for that fukin haircut. Oh, and meeting some stranger on the street to buy anything... not the smartest thing to do. Lucky you didn't get robbed before being arrested.

K.W. Keene: First hint should have been Dre headphones.Overpriced piece of junk !

MindOverMatter: Crazy ass haircut.

Susan Wash: Wow! You were lucky you weren't black or you would have been slammed to the ground, put in a choke hold, tightly handcuffed and by the time your lawyer or family members saw you, your face might have had bruises. Guys, be careful in this buying and selling game cause there are a lot of nefarious sellers out there and they particularly haunt craigs list. NEVER do a buy or sell alone.

Qu Zee: Take a lesson from me... Puzzled, but washing my thrifts quickly, I thought I'd found crumbled broken glass in a jeans pocket from Goodwill. Turns out after looking at it, throwing it away and considering it later.... they were rocks of CRACK COCAINE! Always wash what you re-sell! Had I sold those jeans with crack in the pockets I'd be in jail today.

HRH Consultants: Good video
If you ever want to buy from wholesaler here in Asia msg me. I have a wholesale export license. I could look up bulk pricing. Give you a quote with shipping to your local port.
Great video and good advice.

Ynnlarcron: Such a cool story

Gaylord Longdic: If a price is too good to be true...it is too good to be true. It was obvious from the story that these headphones were stolen. And your pretty little contract is worthless, especially if the seller uses a different name.

ReneeNme: You look like a total idiot with that haircut. Do you think you're Gary Oldman from The Fifth Element or what ?? lol

Charlie Sthill: You should know that beats products are low quality devices that are over priced by the Stars names on them. In other words they are overpriced , crap.

EyeGardeninSA: Thanks for the tip

Dave George: Always get a signed recite from anyone, especial so called law. Now he's out 130$.

Piterixos: The biggest horror here is that someone would call Beats by dre high end headphones...

umefunasone together: your hot!!

enkrypt3d: your first clue should have been yup these are stolen! DUH.

Ninja k: Couldnt they have charged you with purchasing stolen goods?

Mr Mal: Good story, you are a good guy but why put eBay’s name if you sell there and eBay had nothing to do with your jail thing. Little negative publicity. Would you mind changing your video title? Thanks!

Max Agastra: you got off quite easy to be honnest

Sandro Difut: Dude sells his friend headphones at 200. W.ells a random person same product for 130.

Nicole Smith: Am happy for you guy.glad you put out this video.it benefited a lot of people

We almost went to JAIL! - A reseller horror story! eBay buying / selling 5 out of 5

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