We Almost Went To JAIL! - A Reseller Horror Story! EBay Buying / Selling

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Angelica S: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Angelica S: So the cops stole from you. Great

Rhys Gulley: Isn't this entrapment?

MosoKaiser: "Beats - high end." That was the first red flag right there.

M. I.: Hey Bitch! You just got ripped off by the police! And because you are a kitty you allowed it! You freaking wussy!!!

LivingLoving: That's terrifying!! Where did you print that out? Or did you just make it up? Also curious about your reseller ad...do you just put out there that you resell stuff, or do you make a list of what you mainly look for?

Kevin Parkinson: Such a great learning experience! It works your "muscles" to remain calm in those situations. Thanks for sharing the story and the tips at the end!

Jeanne Swift: Phewww...😨

Guardians Minifarm: Great info. Wisdom is learning from others!☺

K Kat: This is horrifying. Good advice about the purchase agreement though.

John Bender: Good info on purchase receipt, glad things worked out. I've had a variety of odd encounters from mistaken as person that robbed liquor store, swarmed by cops pointing guns, to detectives wanting my house video feed for neighboring store homicides & break-ins. I prefer not to have run-ins, I'm moving to the country now.
I guess they wrote down the info on your phone. I might have thought they would take it as evidence, maybe try to use it to trace or trick the guy. Anyway, you guys are great & love your videos. See ya later

Flipsy Hustle: Clickbait

Pablo Escobar: alright so this story is saying that you are on Youtube to tell (675,172 People) that you are a (RAT) you gave up the guy so I gotcha that is the Meaning to why this guy went on Youtube another RAT makes a TAPE (Trump don't RAT) (Manafort don't Rat) & your a RAT :)

Rikky Bora: Why would a stranger sell you $2K worth of brand new stuff for $500 - unless he was a drug addict or a thief? Greed got past your better judgement?

Shane R: found this after feeling frustrated by seller policies on ebay. good story thanks man

Dave Dennis: Good info. When a deal looks too good, better be very leery.

myron fenderson: never buy crap from other people you never know what might happen

Both Botv: You list them for 130 on craigslist but sold a pair to your friend for 200? Wow what a guy.

conker jones: 2 minutes in and I already know what happened

CODY DUNLAP: Just wanted to stop by and say this was the video that introduced me to your channel. Such a good story teller you are Ryan. Hope this hits a million soon.

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
We almost went to JAIL! - A reseller horror story! eBay buying / selling 5 out of 5

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