We Almost Went To JAIL! - A Reseller Horror Story! EBay Buying / Selling

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Ryan Lewis: F#ck the police!. Next time, remove the plastic. Let them keep the plastic w model number so version can put in the insurance claim. Those headphones, were stolen from you. By a fat greasy pig

Steve Rakes: You may have thought that you were going to jail but the fact is they had nothing on you other than a video that could have been anybody. So in reality the cops had no case and therefore would not have arrested you. They lie and intimidate to try and make you admit guilt.

ToTCaMbIu: Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

douglas jardine: you look like a reseller he looked like a cop haha

Johnny D: good tips

Tiffeny Hall: good advise on the seller/buyer release form...

Kent Lawson: Shoulda busted out with Eminems' "Criminal" rap when they nabbed you...............or not.    LOL Great story!

mrhudah: Really cool video....I was selling Apple Products for someone brand new and stopped because it just was not adding up. She said they were not stolen but something felt weird.......better safe than sorry. Besides, doing wrong Sucks😝

grendel 59: Did the police handcuff you and throw you to the ground before questioning you?

Gloria Sheldon: Pay no attention to the negatives. Just thank God this happened...mean it. Now you know as I now know after my daughter unknowingly bought stolen speakers many years ago and I had to offer up the same info that you did to the police. There's nothing wrong with buying merchandise from people that are in a bind. They (sellers) had the same option to sell on eBay just as you did but settled for the quick cash. True sales people are special. You provide a service, sell a product and make a profit as most merchants do! Nothing wrong with that. I found your video Interesting, well done with a smile that would make any mom proud. I knew where you were going with the story because I was once employed by the District Attorney's office, heard it all and have experienced most on a personal basis. The contract is an excellent idea. You can never have too many contracts. By the way, my daughter is in the cell hone rehab business. She provides a service, charges fair prices, is honest and her business is booming. You seem to have gone into the situation as very gullible, you're young and, unfortunately, will become more skeptical as life goes on. Oh, and BTY, lived in Tampa (Westshore rocks) and the TPD never did me any favors when two, (2!) cars were stolen....and my little girl's four very expensive bicycles!😢 Keep the great videos coming. Best always.

Dan Sam: How would you not consider that they may possibly stolen. That is the first thing I thought of, I'm sure I'm not alone.

marty martyn: True or not.... buyer beware/seller beware ..... don't be stupid and turn yourself into victim.....
above all CYA (cover your **s)
Even if it's never needed it's your best insurance... it takes time but better safe than sorry.... you don't want to meditate on your mistake while sitting in a jail cell ....

Bobby Tenor: I only sell through mail, not face to face

a64750: The foundation of Criminal behavior is lies, fraud and deception. Purchase agreement & stolen ID next time is a guarantee

Watchandjewelryloft: Classic Guilty until proven innocent. And to the people asking why you didn't assume they were stolen because of the $2000 GC and $500 sell price. Who cares? People lie about what they paid for stuff all the time to try to hype the value of what they're selling! I had one guy sell me a Kipsch speaker and tried to tell me that he paid basically double MSRP. I had already looked them up before I met him. I flipped that speaker too.

And in the case of the purple headphones....how did the cops know that they were the EXACT set stolen? Was there a serial number or something?

Julia RO: Great lesson. Brandon Town Center Mall? I think I was there that day.

stitchergary: After the detective said he was taking the headphones you should have told the lady at the table that she could now have them for $120...

g williams: Thank you for posting this it's a valuable lesson we all need to learn. Great job. X

john burns: sounds like you were VERY lucky in being able to show where and how you bought your goods. I have buying experences on my phone from 8 months ago and that has saved my butt a few times. Be careful when buying reselling items AND keep the deal for at least 6/8 mts.

Tammy Winchester: Thanks so much for sharing your scary story.  I am completely new to selling online and that could easily happen to anyone out there buy and selling.  I will be sure to print out the agreement form you showed at the end of the video to cover myself. I would freak out if I thought I was going to get arrested.  Again, thanks for the share of the information. :)

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We almost went to JAIL! - A reseller horror story! eBay buying / selling 5 out of 5

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