We Almost Went To JAIL! - A Reseller Horror Story! EBay Buying / Selling

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Kandis Glasgow: Always ask to see the receipt....otherwise stolen or fake.

EAGLE___EMPIRE: So some dude says he "won" a random $2000 raffle chooses to by 7 pairs of headphones and then wants to sell $2000 of merchandise fro $500 and you didnt have any suspicion? LOL!!! You are either completely naive and have no street smarts or you knew in your mind they were most likely stolen. Come on Dude... Please...

Teresa Zermeno: What happens if you go to a Garage sale and the person says he bought all the items from a storage unit. Do you still take the forms around to places like these? The guy had tons of star wars and real expensive rocks. foot ball cards and other misc things. I asked him about the things, he told me he had no clue what he had or how much any thing was. It's kind of scary when stuff like that happens.

Joy's Front Porch: I dont now why police officers have to do that intimidation thing before they even know. Know this video is older but dont think he had the right to look at your phone. Of course you did the right thing by allowing him 2.

Linda King: Reading the replies makes me wonder what is wrong with people. Everyone is an expert and has a lot of criticism for someone trying to do a good job on his channel. If you dislike it so much don’t watch.

Linda King: Yikes! Not a good situation! Glad it turned out ok and that you now have the slip for the seller to sign! Love your videos! Thanks for sharing this story!

Seth Jacob: I appreciate you sir! You are a hero with a soul patch. Keep living out your journey sir. I love the judiciary system and all the Hoopa that comes with it!

Deltoids1: fake and gey

I Love Pizza: Red Flag is his reason for having them. He paid $2,000 for them with a gift card and was willing to take $500? That's too good of a deal. Sucks that people steal and are generally dishonest. Glad you got it cleared up though!

Andrew: Yawn!

Angelica S: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Angelica S: So the cops stole from you. Great

Rhys Gulley: Isn't this entrapment?

MosoKaiser: "Beats - high end." That was the first red flag right there.

M. I.: Hey Bitch! You just got ripped off by the police! And because you are a kitty you allowed it! You freaking wussy!!!

LivingLoving: That's terrifying!! Where did you print that out? Or did you just make it up? Also curious about your reseller ad...do you just put out there that you resell stuff, or do you make a list of what you mainly look for?

Kevin Parkinson: Such a great learning experience! It works your "muscles" to remain calm in those situations. Thanks for sharing the story and the tips at the end!

Jeanne Swift: Phewww...😨

Guardian Minifarm: Great info. Wisdom is learning from others!☺

K Kat: This is horrifying. Good advice about the purchase agreement though.

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
We almost went to JAIL! - A reseller horror story! eBay buying / selling 5 out of 5

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