Yaesu VX-7R Vs VX-8GR

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vonzigle: For those looking at this video in 2018, the vx-7r has been discontinued.. IMO, Yaesu has too many model numbers, and it’s easy to get lost!

James Jody: Where did you purchase these radios

William Burr: Are you saying the GPS is built into your handheld, without being an option?

AB: It's pronounced "Yah-AY-Soo

Car 4Sale: The 7R mods way faster and you can get more frequencies

Michael Zito: Any problems with the antenna mount?

Bruce Forster: I have a VX-8 DR. It has developed an issue because I DROPPED IT on the asphalt. It still works, but lost its Water resistance. The ONLY reason I'm going to replace it is because I have so many accessories. I think my VX-8 DR is VERY much like your VX-7. GREAT RADIOS!

rob b: YET ANOTHER retarded Prepper doomsday Prick !

drspastic: preppers eh? just an excuse for psychos to buy more toys. bottom line is in a real emergency the vx7r gives the best performance as you can listen to mw and sw public broadcasts from outside your own country (your shtf location will tend to lie or spread propaganda). it also can cover huge distances on 6m with the right antenna. as for the guns.... well the only place you need guns as your primary emergency kit would be america because of all these gun nut preppers WAITING IN HOPE FOR DISASTERS SO THEY CAN START SHOOTING FOLKS. real life situations in civilised nations will not need guns but radios will help often, even just p2p or sar when the cells are down. if you do find shtf in usa the best means to survive would be find a yacht and sail away.

NORMAN BROWN: Can you charge the batteries with the ankar solar panel and the ankar battery bank?

Mr. Squirrel: This is just a great great review. Many thanks!! Helpful and not full of unnecessary detail...goes right to the nuts and bolts of the matter. Keep up these great vids!!

HamRadioConcepts: I have had both of these radios, as well as others. Now i have the FT1DR and the FT2DR check out my channel "Hamradioconcepts" i have some fusion videos in the works now. 73

M0RSF: I made the mistake of selling my Yaesu VX7R to buy a Yaesu VX8GE. I have just recently managed to source a new Yaesu VX7R and I won't be making the mistake of letting this one go. I have owned several handhelds and without doubt the VX7R is the best handheld anyone could buy. 73 Chris M0RSF

Mountain Rat: You talk a lot and say little. I could not stand more than a minute.

jim maddog: Don't forget the 7R will talk with the PRC-10,PRC-25,PRC-77 and PRC-6 on the six meter band although the 7r is narrow band while the PRCs are wide band it still can be done.Jim

gadgetdesk: VX-7R is more beautiful!

Tony Pelliccio: I have the VX-7Rb and the only reason I like it is because it has the 6m band. When push comes to shove power networks are going to go tits up so you need slightly longer wavelength to communicate when the repeaters are gone. 

alejandro andriadse: si  muy  buen handy  otro handy  el  ft530  la unica falla es  el flex  que  yo  soy  el  unico que  los reparo

roddyk05: Having watched this, I'm glad I bought my 7R. Apart from the GPS ( which I wouldn't use anyway ) you appear to favour the 7. They are both excellent radios. I do a lot of SOTA with mine and it's spent a lot of time exposed to the elements on wet and windy hilltops without problem. The metal case and rubber corner guards help protect it when it falls occasionally. Keep up the good reviews.

MrSeeker2013: would you go with a vx-8dr now?

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Yaesu VX-7R vs VX-8GR 5 out of 5

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