Galaxy Note On Straight Talk(2)

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KennyG Breaux: why does my note not recognize my micro sim 

celsong2U: I soooo want this phone..... I am so glad you posted this.... I'm a "thrift shopper" so I don't want to pay that Big $ every month. Thanks....

andrew marvin: i have a question i have the i717 i have the straight talk sim in it i was working fine data mms call text etc but i recently updated to .4.1.2 and its not doin anything now but call and text i have tried 7 diff apn setting but nothing is working help plz

SaraST8: Hi Spiffy3793, this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. I read your post, and let me help you get this resolved. Please send us an email at with your name, Straight Talk phone number and the last 15 digits of your SIM card number, so we can get this done immediately. Thank you.

Spiffy3793: how did you get your galaxy note to run so smooth?? i have the same exact phone but it doesnt run as smooth as your phone. help a bro out

DàyQuon Sanders: @DEKOIYAH I Chose the Straight Talk AT&T Sim Card ( Regular Size)..

Deloitte studios: what sim card did you choose?

Kassandra Nunez: Do you have to get an unlocked gas

TOUCHTECHTODAY: Att phone because they use the signal from the original carrier unless its bought directly from straight talk

WeTryYouWin: I live in a area where ATT is the only service that works here. Specially the internet coverage and 3G. If I chose a T-Mobile phone would the internet work here since the service is through straight talk? Or should I get a ATT phone instead to insure the BYOP works with no problem?

WeTryYouWin: Dose it get 4g speed or close?

YoChillDrew _: I'm watching this from my galaxy note

Lukas Rodriguez: Hey yela57, I really appreciate the time you've spent regarding the note in your vids. I just got a note running on gingerbred, its the at&t version never used on anyother provider. I've been on Straight talk or ST for 6months now and love the service. With this phone I gotta get a differ sim from ST. My ? is how or what way should I go about unlocking it?

erik herrera: @StAgMaStA1 you cant get it from them you get the phone from att and you unlock it to straight talk

StAgMaStA1: how do i get this phone on strait talk i dont see it on their website?

MrElihernandez: Hey are those setting specific to we're u live or s they work for everyone thanks

SoulfulHeat: Hey! Good look on the info. Have you experienced any throttling while on the internet? Thanks!

Josh Rayne: does this work with the note 2

TreLangley03: Does it say home for the network

KillaCamredrams: Prepaid is growing

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