What Are Some Effective Techniques For Building Links?

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emma piterson: Those are some great tips!! I will definitely have to remember those!

Supralobe: Guy must have lost weight, looks a little thick in this video

James Hardie: 6:48 - 6:58 How do I ensure that my site can be crawled, bookmarked, all the pages can be reached by google... Good site architecture. Thanks!

4Nanook: I think it is a major problem when Google dictates and filters content rather than just indexing it.

SEO HERO: Matt you're the SEO expert! Thank you so much.

Mahdi Resistance: After all that searching and following the so called SEO lords, I really love to hear Matt Cutts who is and should be followed to get the authenticity in this black hat self made SEO witchcrafts.

Rosalie Markovics: Hi Pulkit and thank you for a great comprehensive explanation of link building. You mentioned making sure Google can access to your pages but I am not sure of how to do this. I had received something in early days which mentioned Google had diffiiculty accessing my pages ( I had chosen blog template) and I took it up with Wix and they said there was no problem. How do I check this for myself?

franc66: Great stuff. Thank you!

Johannes Faupel: Thank you for that video, Matt!

Amplify ROI: The question and answer part of this tutorial is still VERY powerful today! Google is loving question and answer searches.

StampCasfy: That was knowledge to me. Thanks Matt !!!

Nikita Panomarew: http://mashable.com/ gets 80.000.000 (80 millions) visitors each month and they do no any original research at all. Everything they do is just copy articles from another sites and rewrite them to avoid the duplicate content penalty. This proves that you can earn like $300.000 a month from AdSense by doing content scrapping.

Hans Christian Ferdinand: Couldn't agree more. Thanks Matt!

Nacho Benavides: Thank You Matt!!

darren strudwick: If building great content is such a good way to get links,  how comes when I see a website with really great content I have no urge to link to it?   KFC have a really great website, I especially love their page about chicken, but I'm not going to link to it.

Digitalhound Ltd: Although dated now, there are still some pretty good nuggets here that are still valid today. People are more likely to link to your properties naturally if the quality of what you're putting out is useful, well thought out and presented in an easily digestible format. Videos are an excellent way to engage with your audience and promote your brand at the same time too.

Fabian Amran: Thank You Matt

Helpful Post: Thanks Matt

HOTFMS: good one

Raouf Ghajati: Many thanks. Great job man

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What are some effective techniques for building links? 5 out of 5

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