Pinkicon Review! (Circle Lenses, False Eyelashes, Wig)

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Lory Del Mar: beautiful , everything. even the eye lashes looks natural 

skye van sam beek: cool name

DarylDoesShow: It's a shame I can't really wear any non-prescription lenses for cosplays and costume work in general without wearing my glasses over them. I have a very strong prescription and I have very poor vision. So if I wore anything like that I'd be either tripping over my own feet, or running into walls/people/traffic. Bad things would happen :(

Lindsay pink: You like my friend.

audwl91: which green would you recommend? and what does power mean?

yoomi: the wig looks really good on you o:

HridayGuitarHazarika: So, I've been wondering. Where does your real hair go when you wear a wig? Do you do it up in a bun? Do you make it super flat and let it drape inside your shirt while letting the wig hide it? Do your hair follicles become ninjas and hide behind the strands of the wig? Do you make a ponytail? Do you "fold" your hair and layer it on your head like sheets of lasagna? If you do it up in a bun, can you post some pictures? I like buns and I like you, so I think I'll like you and buns.

claudia olmedo: hola saludos desde chile encantan tus videoss ..saludos

xHelloTrini: I wish I could wear circle lenses but they're way too drying for me. T-T I constantly have to use eyedrops like every 2 seconds, and I don't think that's very fun. ;_;

suhloann: You're probably not even Japanese. Weeaboo.

Kelly Yau: Your nail color is nice! (:

monicadiep2006: What lip colour are you wearing? It's really fresh and pretty :)

RukiahTaicho: I got that exact wig stand! :D

chocobirdd: you look so cute in that wig... [=' 3 '=]

Alissa: @suhloann lol i know there are fakers but dont worry i am

chocodollyhime: im glad it helped you!! ^_______^

Sachie: Details in the description bar! You have to go to their facebook page and send them a message, then they'll send you a discount code!

Willager: so hot


misscutekawaiilover: AMAZING BEAUTY <3

alicesnowchan: That wig is so pretty! It is such a great color!

lauren hill: The website is all In Chinese or Japanese ): I really want the wig you have!

Heiloveyouu: i have the same problem :(

Michelle La: you're so pretty asdfghjkl♥ can i have your face please? -.-

iKimuraRawrsx: how to get the discounts? O.O

Kaze Wang: So cute <3

sallywemuso: I'm Japanese but I don't know Magic magic...

Sachie: GEO Starmish Brown!

pinkpompom611: That character Kanji is probably a fake Chinese stuff, created by Japanese... Im Chinese and Ive never heard of them before.

Chihiro22Tsugu: @SweetOlivier

mezutazu1: wow

kashixD: youre really pretty =3

HridayGuitarHazarika: Thanks for the reply! It must get really hot under those wigs, especially if one has long hair. I'm glad I'm not a pretty girl who enjoys cosplaying. ...Or am I?

Alissa: Oh, i get it, thank you! sorry for my misunderstanding.(。-_-。)

mint tea: your skin is GLOWING <3

Lindsay pink: You look like my friend

xwinryx: You kind of remind me of Behati Prinsloo. :O

PearlySwirls: Ur voice seems so different from ur face but u r so pretty can u do a video on what u do with ur skin

Samantha Marissa: You should do the chubby bunny challenge! 0:

AppleRamune: hey :) do u mind giving the link for the wig and also a link to your blogpost/s with the macro pictures? thanks ^^

chocodollyhime: in some videos, i see them tying their hair then making it into a 'small bun' then putting on a wig cap, tucking all the stray hairs in. then they put wig then you're done. i hope it helped you sort of ^__^

NaviKpoperBelieber becova: what proram use for edit the video?

Chouchou M: sooo pretty

Loli Blossom: You're pretty❤❤❤

iKimuraRawrsx: thank you ~!

Seraphic Putrefaction: You are so pretty I swear OMG

Mimi Tay: u r pretty n somemore ur eyes r big

Sasuke_Teme: Love that wig!

callmemaliyah: Makeup tutorial on this look? Pleaseeee ^^

michello925: What purple circle lenses to you recommend sachie ? ^-^

Pinkicon Review! (Circle lenses, false eyelashes, wig) 4.9 out of 5

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Pinkicon Review! (Circle lenses. false eyelashes. wig)
Pinkicon Review! (Circle lenses. false eyelashes. wig)
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