Home Built Generator Battery Charger Using Permanent Magnet Alternator 6.5 Hp Engine

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thra5herxb12s: Not bad at all that little engine should be capable of running a 3kva generator whenever you want to upgrade.

Gort Sneeley: +dougaustontx, any relation to 'Steve Austin?' Lol. That's the whole idea of AC. JP Morgan had the financial backer of Tesla, John Jacob Astor, murdered on the Olympic by switching it with the Titanic, while ot was in for a propeller blade replacement, two weeks before it was deliberately sunk. It is hard to believe Morgan's 'last-minute change of plans' to NOT board the unseaworthy Olympic (now disguised as the Titanic a week before she subk) was merely a coincidence. He literally killed two birds with one stone: he killed the idea of free energy for all, and Tesla himself (indirectly); and he murdered 1500 people. In my opinion, there is a very special place in eternal torment reserved for pieces of crap like Morgan (in fact he is already roasting there today. I pray his ignominious family will repent before they join him: but, sadly, the ungodly wealthy usually opt to face God full of stoic arrogance).

Gort Sneeley: +Simonspaz, thanks so much for that! You learn a little more every day. I am planning to build an aircraft at some point but if i am forced to use a non-alternative-fueled powerplant, i would like it to be as fuel-efficient and powerful as possible. Hence, idling in cruise was a hoped-for goal. Your info has corrected this assumption.

Gort Sneeley: +doctorh2005. Did you read the description? The engine is powering the alternator, which appears to be charging a battery. The engine is running on petrol. Do you seriously think it would be making all that racket, without any source of fuel? Hint: if the PMA was driving the engine (somehow), do you THINK it would be available in your local retail store, or on Ebay? Please get a grip! If you could build a generator to power your car or home without the help of JP Morgan and his merry band of diabolical thieves, don't you think it would have been done by now (at least by someone who managed not to get drowned on the Titanic, or 'shot down' over Ukraine?).

schickmann: What did you use to create tension on the belt to keep belt tight? I can see the bracket on the lower lobe of alternator...but what is the adjustor on the upper lobe attached to?

Life is illusion: Could you please tell me what is the difference between the size of magnets in 100amp alternators and 60amps alternators? Do 100amp ones have bigger/stronger magnets or just thicker and longer wires are used for windings?

goodcat1982: homebuilt? lol please. All you've done is connected 2 pulleys from and engine and a PMA 

darion gordon: U did not make that

Juston Townson: I have a harbor freight engine as well with a Omar from windblue and use this to charge a large bat. Bank. When batteries are at 60 percent I don't need to worry about over voltage, but yet I am putting in the amps needed to charge the batteries. This engine as run my camper for weeks without shutting it off! I have an external tank that will go a week with it just above idle! I love this stuff. LOL. Nice work.

dougaustintx: If I were still using the permanent magnet alternator, I might consider a clutch to eliminate the cogging effect at startup. I switched to a regular high capacity car alternator early on. With the car alternator (non-permanent magnet) I have a way to regulate the charge going to the battery. I still feel like an over-center type of lever engagement would be better and more reliable than a centrifugal clutch.

bartybollocks: Nice build, I am about to build something similar, had you considered using a centrifugal clutch?

Dino Pasic: use hho as power for generator, i think it can also work on hho only, but if it is used as second fuel source it is good also

dougaustintx: The idea is to have STORED energy for use when you need it. It's kind of hard to store AC, but batteries do just fine with DC.

Rayxl1: Mine's going OK now I've given it a 2 to 1 reduction from engine to alternator.

Håkan Andersson: ive got one of my one i bilt it my self and i have a 100 A alternator and it works great i have not put up pictures or films on it on the web

tom rudd: ive got a pma from windbluepower and use it as a bike generator spinning it with a bike and a belt and found the belt has to be tight which mine isnt that tight but yea can light lightbulbs and charge small batterys within time its just a fun project to learn about electricity

gaspowerrules: @dougaustintx r theese motors reliable the 6.5 from harbor freight

dougaustintx: @Redneckology Hehe... yeah it is. You have a sharp eye. I was trying to keep the base as light as possible, and the "recycled" road sign has some good back bracing built into the extrusion.

Jay Roy: nice idea :)

doctorh2005: Is this really running by itself? Is it possible to connect to a Fiat Punto car??? Please get back to me!! Thanks!

Home built generator battery charger using Permanent Magnet Alternator 6.5 hp engine 5 out of 5

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