DIY Cable Carrier For Homemade CNC Router

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Oscar La Fuente: Hi Roger, hope you are fine, what ever happened with you ???? 4 years so far haven't hear from you... vamos , vamos, estamos esperando tus respuestas,,, estamos atrapados por tu disenos...

Michael Jensen: ... how do you keep it from falling apart?

Brian Hillenbrand: getting sick watching the beginning

Oscar La Fuente: Estimado Roger, desde Lima Peru, antes que nada, felicitaciones por esta inteligente solucion para "porta cables", he descargado los archivos y buscado de abrirlos , (lamentablemente estan en un formato de solidworks 3d que no son compatibles ni existen para programas que solo corren .dxf o .svg. podrias por enviarme, si tienes , estos archivos en dxf, o svg ??? mi correo es, pienso hacerlos en polietileno o PVC (desde planchas) ??donde estas tu ???saludos

1bulldog998: hello i have your dxf file can u help me i cant get the cam to cam out the holes in the inside of the oval cir

Eletric crazy: Only sketchup pro can import dxf file, could you give us the sketchp file?

florianiscrown: aren't you a clever pickleson? I mean it in the best possible way. I love your ingenuity. Regards

Carmelina Rosinski: You should take instructions from inplix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

Ronald Leger: Thanks for sharing your DXF file. Really appreciated.

Lenny C: that's freaking bad as freak.

Manny S: Thanks for share! I just cut out my parts. Works pretty good.

Dogan Cem Gurel: you got some nicely designed diy v bearings on the sides bottom.
are those bearings only contacting Y axis rails on top or what?

Titi la Bretelle: Very clever solution
where can I download the .skp file ?
Many Tanks
JC from France

Mohammad Nazir: nice work.

Landon Brecheisen: Have you ever heard of glueing 2 pieces of countertop laminate together for CNC router table projects. Use smooth black laminate and you could make some nice cable drag chain. I want to try this if I can find some cheap laminate. I need to make some drag chain and will probably use your design for it. Thanks

atilla1990tzu: Very good idea and implementation. Can I get the DXF-Files without register on cnczone?

Alex Conto: Good contribution.

den453: Looks Great but I hunted high and low on that link and in the download section I couldn't find the DXF files anywhere .SLDPRT files are no use to me :( what am I missing?

Barefootin': How do you keep the side pieces from falling off?

Andrew Beaver: What stop the sides of the outer plates from falling out?

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DIY Cable Carrier for Homemade CNC Router 5 out of 5

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