Programming Wouxun KG-UV2d

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George Lamprecht: I have a constant failed connection. I have looked at the com port and it is 6 on my computer. Any ideas?

ricardo Amaral: Hi! I have the same problem than you.. download from prolific site:

setofirons: will this work on a mac?????

Joe Noneya: Is there anyway to make these radios recieve the 800-900MHz?

Mike A Drover: Help!! Just got it Help

blewbot: The KG-UV3D

Steve Marshall: Which radio are you using?

fdiaz05: Anyone have an issue with the speaker? It was coming in intermittently for a while and now the radio will only work with a headset plugged in, no built in speaker? Is there a setting or did I just get a dud?

Free thinker: great video thank you 2w0lmm 73s

videosbymike: can you program this radio if you have a mac computer? Glock n Load, Mike

JC Haywire: I love my "Walks On." As far as I can tell, it is pronounced "Ou-shun" like the big salty bodies of water. The big ones. I wish I had watched this awesome vid before trying to program my walks-on UV2D. I used to have the YAY-zoo but sold it to buy two of these suckers. I was not sorry. Best 73, Jonathan KC7FYS/7J1AWL

tshay65: Man oh man - I wish that I would have watched your video first. Just passed my Technician test and bought a Wouxun KG-UV6D radio. I have just fought the 'Failed Connection' error for a couple of hours. Found other driver downloads - downloaded them. Unistalled the software - reinstalled it - Failed Connection. You said 'make sure to press the cable in firm' - CRAP! Pushed a little more on mine and it went in just a little further. DANG!

blewbot: @ENC016 I read that you have to use a "-" dash or minus sign... but i have not had luck figuring it out. let me know if it works for you.

ENC016: can anyone tell me how to put a space in the channel name? i read it somewhere but forgot where it was or how too.

mickeyzee43: Great vid! Just a comment on connection failed message. I had a terrible time with those failure messages and finally determined it to be the radio end of the cable. A little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball cleaned it right up. Hasn't missed since.

BlackAdder719: @ClaytonCowboy i've got this one too, I don't know how to figure it out

BlackAdder719: very nice, i've got to buy the cable, setting up channels directly from the radio is a little messy

Matthew Camp: I have programmed to the frequencies to my county bands and I get the message Channel 1 Message out of Range. Any idea on how to fix this?

Artifex: Nice video, but I must add a detail: Wouxun is not pronounced as wou-xun but in chinese it's pronounced as wou-shin (quite similar pronounciation as the word "ocean" in english)

Steve Blevins: Nice video. I have yet been able to get mine programmed yet, it will not work what so ever on xp. Gonna try my luck with a vista machine in few days. ANyone have the most updated software and drivers for it? Thanks

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Programming Wouxun KG-UV2d 5 out of 5

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