LBP2: 'World Peace Day' Costume (Free) (HD)

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Devin Romero-Martinez: I DIDNT GET IT GOD DAMNIT!!!!!

Morgan Jones: september30 is my birday an my name is coolkid763

Isidro paredes: it will come in 2 months

Joshua Hang: Cutie introl

LBPrinzessin: Yep, World Peace Day is annually on September 21st. So far (see in 'About' above} they released the costume in the first or second week of September.

xNelsonx: If U Want Awesome LBP Costumes Add dA.

aaudrie18: SACKBOY IS SO CUTE.

moneymaker582: SOME1 PLZ GAMESHARE N IM SRY BUT I CANT GAMESHARE U BC PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

DuBsTeP_KnG: omg its next week!! im so tired of basketball shirt and i spend time 4 seraching it cuz i tought it was the 5ft sept

MsMnuh: Run

Rayna Lundvall: 9/11.. when else would it be...

aaudrie18: Add me plzzzzzzzz

TheLegitKller: Just saying do you really think it'll come on the 17th, did sony or someone tell you, please answer

bc coggins: i wish i can add u ur so awesome

KaTzGaNgNaMsTyLE: I have it :D

LBPrinzessin: Pretty sure it will be coming back in September and yes it is free.

anonymousvvendetta: Is it really out tomorrow

Andrea Davalos: You can add me if u have it, I have tags costume, Hero hair, Watchmen girl hair, Etc.. My usernames xxDark_Kittyxx10

Andrea Davalos: It makes me so jelous of my friends having it u.u I need it.. Or then I have to wait.. Cause ill end up putting on the basketball vest on my costumes u.u

whywhywhy90: who wants free packs and free peaceday shirt or the core cap then add me modenesi12345678 and no am not a ahcker i just no things

navarro mendoza: Out

Melanie Santiago: uhg im need one! im have to wait in two months XC

lbplover2121: yay i have it anyone want to gameshare for it? u must be an EU sorry :(

JayIsFreshToDeath: When is it free again?

LBPrinzessin: Don't know how much clearer I could make it. I wrote 'FREE' all over.

LBPrinzessin: The FREE costume is on the PSN store now, for one week only! September 4 - 11. Get it while you can :)

Enrique Jimenez: Can you add me I'm cool kid 37 with subtract signs between the letters and the 37

Angie Jones: I have it

hosb1973: Do they still have it?

Kitin1928Lueroi312: September 6-13 i thnk

Brian Fisher: In a month.

Flowerbed.♡: Aw.. i want this shirt. will gameshare for it. Strangeems.

Andrea Davalos: waw thanlk u

LBPrinzessin: Yep, it is in stores now...

iSalman122: can someone gameshare with me plzzzz i need this costume

Carlos Espinosa: I already have it

LBPrinzessin: Yup, it's gonna be here soon :)

sunshinebeautyxox1: Wat day

LBPrinzessin: September 17th 2013

zack rivera: ok add me calvinrds

Aaronlolmoddedremoe: Can we gameshare, my psn is DaftKILLZ123. I have a hole bunch of packs

Julia Petronsky: Will it come out in 2013?

zack98ification: I got it but I got for the t shirt

monkey78777: i like it because of the shirt

Xxkayla76xX: PLZZZZZZZ can i game share with u plz ill do anything for it i just want it so badly its my dream come true!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.bubblewith.: Can't wait for it to come out again! Till then I'll use the crappy basket ball vest for my costumes.

anonymousvvendetta: Ohk thanks

MegaCandyxoxo: @LBPrinzessin will this come out again if so when like the date oh and when for the U.S though thatnks a bunch :D

Klan Redman: Got it already

moneymaker582: i forgot 2 get it DX D;

DYAC: My friend's business did extremely well with adwords. He basically pay google to put his promotion ads on varies websites and the conversion rate is really high. I guess it helps since he sells gag/prank gifts and his ads get display on funny autocorrect websites. He wouldn't tell me the exact amount, but I'm estimating it is near the mid 6-figure salary. No risk no rewards I guess.
LBP2: 'World Peace Day' Costume (Free) (HD) 4.6 out of 5

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