LBP2: 'World Peace Day' Costume (Free) (HD)

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LittleBigPandaWaffles: Back in stores for one week. Get it while it's hot:!/en-us/games/addons/littlebigplanet-2-world-peace-day-costume/cid=UP9000-BCUS98245_00-LBPDLCORIGCO0046

Lynn Lenny: its 2016 is it still out?

do u no da wae: I HAVE IT YAY

Retr0 Tv: so it not , coming the 18 😣😥😥😥😥

LEGENDARY-GAME HEAD: Will it come out this year

Zabeeba: +LittleBigPandaWaffles Is the shirt gonna come out in 2016 because I really want to get it

Smiled G: Im back and ready for the next time it comes out because my ps3 broke and i got a new one! OuO im ready!

Amy Lee: in need to wait 3 months :(

Rosie Doran: is the valintine one out in 2017 if not :(

Rosie Doran: um just wondering if it will still be out in 2016 my computer broke and i miss all my cozzies so i loat everything ;( btw love your video and rhnx for the info ;)

Catcheli: How do u record

Xx_zakariye65_xX LBP: I didn't get it
1.i don't have lbp2 but dose it work if u go on store and buy it and appear
2.its now over

xXChibiOtakuUchihaXx: I need it SOO BADD

Veronica Jaramillo: man i wish it was still here

SpicyNoodle: But is it out on 2016

Alissia Segroves: thank u so much !!

AyeeChemita: Thank you little big planet waffles if it wasn't for you I won't even get it I got it last year but here is a life lesson never game share with random people because they change your password and deactivate your account an that's how I lost my peace day costume

Supreme. Nando: GOT IT YEESS

Alissia Segroves: its comes out 22 in September (today).

LittleBigPandaWaffles: The costume is in stores now!

LBP2: 'World Peace Day' Costume (Free) (HD) 5 out of 5

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