Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Review

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tennessee hunter: a $1000.00 dang dollars for a recurve crossbow ? or even $500 for a recurve ? REALLY ?..what a bunch of bs...It's a recurve man and even if it had 10 cams on it and was a compound..lets get real here folks....when your paying over $200 to $300 dollars for an arrow slinger, then you might have a problem with wanting the latest greatest gadget....this technology has been around forever and the only reason these bows are sky rocketing in prices is because customers will pay these STOOOOOOPID prices...how in the world would a recurve crossbow cost over $300 bucks no matter what fps it's shooting ..this has gotten reee...pickle..u..lous

FordFracture: don't waste your money its a big pile of steaming crap

Rich Archer: To loud to wide ,STRYKER  ,  way to go in a tree stand ,

scott davis: Less than 1% return LOL! that says it all, imagine how many they sell. I have an Excalibur Exomax and it is awesome. You cant go wrong with Excalibur.

ron lea: Excalibur,Ten point,Darton best Crossbow makers out there,I love Excalibur and Darton fireforce is one awesome xbow,and Matrix 380 is a dont mess with bow that is a awesome killing machine,thats why most serious hunters use them,you can kill a elephant with both the Darton fireforce and Excaliber 380.....

shane goodman: $989 shipped from Wyvern Creations

Chay keenan-toop: Time to start savin up!

lethal lee: excalibur dont like them because people rely on them they believe if you put it on manualy you get in the habbit and its safer in the long run

MartyInLa: No doubt a Rolls-Royce of the crossbow world. You get what you pay for!

MartyInLa: Looks sweet, all I can say is how much for each model?

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Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Review 5 out of 5

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