1999 Chevy S-10 4x4 4.3L Water Pump Change

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Ricardo Maestre: Excelente trabajo aprendiendo algo gracias thanks

Jim Thomson: No fan clutch???

mattz90: I bought my chevy S10 4.3L in September, I flushed most of the cooling system ( I still can see some flakes in radiator and reservoir) last Friday because heating didn't work. Since I guess two days I saw a leak from under my car, so today I layed down under truck and it seems like gasket or the part you mentioned leaks. I can see large spot of antifreeze under my car. However can anyone explain to me how is that possible? Did I washed out something or what? And do I have to replace water pump or can I just pour some treatment product ?

and I'm using DexCool that's probably the reason of flakes

Vic Soboleski: Thanks for making a succinct no unnecessary bs video , proving to me it's as easy as I thought ( or hoped ) it would be. ...and owning a2003 s10 I can understand the idea of not needing a fan......the temp seems to ride very steadily at or around 200 no matter what time of year , or even up until just about all my coolant leaked out.......but i dont know the benefit for it being gone?

James Davis: And ur changing ur pump due to high running temps !!!! because u removed the fan ????? Duh ???? 

James Davis: nice video ,however!!! how manytimes did u damage the radiator core by bouncing ur tools and water pump off of it !!!!! cover the rad or remove it !!!!!

Zagatto Ryearth: I don't think the fan is only for  air conditioner, it helps to keep the water temperature of the engine, that's probably why the water pump went out

Clay Atkins: Good video. One note. Don't use "Spring water" Many of them have a lot of minerals that will deposit in your radiator. You should mix coolant 50/50 with DISTILLED water only.

Bryan J. Smith: Thanks!

Tony Pina: thank you for the video it helped men a lot easier

Mike Blake: Short and sweet. Thanks

Alvino Melgoza: Thanks for making this great video,you did a great job!

iamchevyman5: why do you keep your fan shroud if you deleted your fan?

rounddancefan1: I have a 2000 bravado same motor 4.3L Vortec, I just bought it, well everything was ok, we recently went threw a car wash & ever since the belt has been noisy, I replaced a idler pully top pully, but still it is so noisy, the sound seems to be coming from the A/C pump, the belt looks fairly new,, we also took the belt off and started it with the belt off, it was ok, but soon as the belt went back on, it start making noise, also once in awhile we smell coolant inside the bravada and hear water slushing around inside the dash. thinking about replacing the water pump & taking off the A/C unit & put a idler pully the way your is set up. Oh also thinking about replacing heater core.

David G: This video help me to replace the water pump on my 1997 K1500 4.3. Not quite the same but close enough. One whack (or two) on the fan nut didn't do it for me. I kept at it for 5 minutes and grabbed the belt to help it stop moving but finally got it. The hardest part was getting the bolts started on the replacement pump, it's tight and down low on the 4.3. TYVM.

Agnar_BurnsAll: i despise factory clamps with a passion!.

Turbo231: Yes, the pump leaks when it wears out. Same procedure.

Turbo231: It is identical and yes, you can, it's not rocket science.

Turbo231: Something from Napa, no doubt high temperature.

Turbo231: Impact it off bluntly with a wrench and hammer if you can't take it off smoothly. Its just a nut/bolt issue. I didn't include it as I removed mine long ago.

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1999 Chevy S-10 4x4 4.3L Water Pump Change 5 out of 5

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