DIY Halo/flip In Hair Extensions - How Easy It Is To Make

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Sharon Flannagan: Thank you I learned a lot. I have been having them made for me but now I understand how to save money and make myself. Thank you for the idea of the side clip on pieces.

Keishanna Michele: A friend of mine just paid a little over $100 to get one made like this thank you so much for posting this because I've looked all over on how I can make my own this look so easy to make I'm going to make mine soon

Destinyatk: great idea but I didn't see how you made this anywhere in this video...

jacey kae: She's so funny, "and now it looks stupid" lol,  i like ur video, good job!!!

CrazyZarsu: Hai Mia. Cool video. Skønt at se flere danskere komme på youtube ^_^ Jeg deler lige video'en i en hårgruppe på FB, da mange gerne vil have en halo :)

CrazyZarsu: To explain, i think she bought is as trenser and just layered it up as needed. To me the hair didnt look dyed, so i think she bought it in 2 different colors so it blends to where it matches. But i could be wrong.

Angel Kania: How do you match your hair color perfectly and where did you buy the hair from? Thanks!

InCe X: Was it clip in .... and did you make it flip in? Or did you buy the clip in apart

Ani Arakelian: Nice video ! We're did you get the extentions and the "fishing line" from ?

lindsay: where did you get your hair .... how many inches across was the hair so I know which pack was to get.... is it real human hair ? .... and where did u get the 'fishing line' and how did u sew that in ? thanks.

Brittney Raymond: Hi my name is Brittney and I love all your videos and I have decided I was going to make my own halo extension and I have watched your video how to make them and how to put them in but I would like to know how to wash them I guess I'm still confused on how

Yvetter Huichapa: This is awesome! Thank you so much! I'm so sick of gluing in my extensions !

Alessia Manzoeto: youre so great damn i wont be able to do it please can someone help me to make my own 

workingonanewchannel: Awesome video! Is it itchy or warm against the neck or so? Also, is there a chance that it might fall of without the clip ins on top? Thanks!

chellebrist: I never thought of making them! You've literally just saved me so much money my dear, thank you!

WastelandWanda: Thank you soooo much for this awesome video :D has really helped give me confidence to go for it and make my own halo instead of paying a fortune for one. Thank you x

vinny4x: You are the best

brcktan: Can I make this with a full head of clip ins I just got?

goinphishin: You definitely have the best and easiest to follow tutorial on glad I found your other videos with step by step instructions before buying the expensive pre-made ones. And you are adorable!! Thanks for posting!

Cindy Greenlaw: I LOVE this thank you so much for making this video! I am going to make mine today!!

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DIY Halo/flip in hair extensions - how easy it is to make 5 out of 5

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