Basic Quadcopter Tutorial - Chapter 4 - KK2 Board, ESC Calibration, Throttle Range And Props

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Sargara Nisha: my one motor has not responded please suggest me

satendra singh tripathi: can i start motor test without calibrat ESC

jeetendra bohara: thanks for this connection

Achintha Sadish: please tell me the model number of receiver...

Achintha Sadish: plz tell me model numbers of these circuits. plz

Loodachris253: Thank you this video helped me from a quadcopter flipping over on take off to getting it in the air and adjusting the trim on my controller. Now to balance the props and Amazon Prime makes it so I can get the parts in a couple days. Thanks for taking the time to make the video

alien4fish: im following along here, but HOW did you reverse the channel when you connected the the receiver ??? What was the procedure?
Thanks for sharing!

Supernova: does putting tape on the prop really matter?

Jadson Santos: Bom dia Amigo !

Quando liguei minha placa KK2.1.5 ela mostrou uma mensagem na tela e depois não consegui visualizar mas nada ,você poderia me ajudar não sei o q esta acontecendo o display está aceso mas não mostra nenhuma mensagem

Johnny H.: does anyone know what to do if its not arming

Johnny H.: my quad is not arming i have the fly sky fs-t6 transmitter any suggestions

Eddie: Hello,

How did you reverse the left and right I have the same issue?  Thanks.

Sahil Sanil: Can this configuration and choice of motors and escs also work for hobby king X525 Quadcopter frame?

Abdul Baazab: Dude, the way you present, talk, order, everything is perfect, you have the only videos on setting up quad copters I understand , keep it up well done

taher kapadia: Can someone tell me how to sync the remote with the quadcopter

Glucoperon: Love how you just fast forwarded through the part I was confused about with 10:05- 10:07


Francisco Augusto: Dont worry, this beep s normal! I found it!

hdrjunkie: do you have to program all esc's like this? I have the pre flashed SimonK escs for mine... I didn't think theyd need to be programed any!

Come Aun:  
I ordered two kk2.1 boards and they both have the same issue. M1 output sends the wrong signal to whatever ESC I plug in. It makes any motor start like the others and then accelerate very fast. This is on a level surface after ACC calibration and ESC calibration. If I plug motor 2 on M1 output, then motor 2 accelerates. If I plug motor 3 on M1, then motor 3 accelerates and so on. I tried everything possible. I reflashed both boards with all the firmwares available many times. It flies but it's very jittery because of that issue. Anybody got an idea? Am I so lucky that I got 2 bad boards?

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Basic Quadcopter Tutorial - Chapter 4 - KK2 Board, ESC Calibration, throttle range and props 5 out of 5

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