Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 - AllShare Cast Dongle How To And Demo (HD) [en Sub, Ro Sub]

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Shaik Rafiq: Samsung dongle box connect to bravo 22 ledtv . not coming.
my Mobile is Samsung galaxy J5 . pls tell me....

Charlene Rhodes-verner: Hi Everyone!
A couple quick questions.
1). Am I right in reading there is a sound issue?
2). Will this work with a Samsung tablet and a Vizio Smart TV?
and last.....
3). There is a program you can download called Plex that allows you to do the exact same thing for no cost. Has anyone tried it? it covers you computer, phone, tv, PlayStation, xbox, etc. and streams movies and shows to each device. It doesn't matter the brand of phone or tablet. Let me know what you think. It's supposed to be simple to download from the app store, and set up. But I'm not as big a geek as I proclaim, so I need a bit of assistance please. a thanks Everyone!!!!

Akane Cortich: I gather there is no sound. Thus the best thing to use to get video and sound into the TV is this little adapter/cable..... MHL Micro USB to HDMI Video Out Adapter (For Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2). Which is a shame since the cable isn't long and so the phone will need to sit near the TV.

Discord Shadow: I have that dongle a Samsung 46" smart TV and a galaxy note 2. Screen mirroring works good most of the time but sound always comes from the cell phone speakers. I hate that. How to configure the sound??????

Poca Hinlew: Can this be used on older version tv

PersonalTouch Productions: My question is: like most people, when at home I use my pc's router wi-fi to connect my galaxy note-2 so that I dont use up my monthly limited data that i get free from t-mobile. can I connect to this allshare dongle still? WITHOUT  having to disconnect from my router? or do I have to eat up the data t-mobile provides me for free? which is very limited?

kissesbloody: no audio transfer? only video?

Adam Kim: good job man basic all the information i need cant wait to get 1....

Jake Roberts: On a Samsung Galaxy S4 you can just go in setting and click 'Screen Mirroring' and connect to your TV.

themoztdope rosas: Can you do it in a galaxy s2 skyrocket

jairene duran: Yah you must to buy all share Dongle to connect on ur phne to tv

Jolinar Setesh: Întrebare: funcționează cu un Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 ? S III acela are funcția de All Share Cast ON înainte de a-l conecta la Dongle sau apare imediat după conectare ? 10x

Bryan Holloway: I went into "more settings" and I didnt have the option to connect to "Allshare cast" I have a NOTE 2. Does it have to be connected first to your tv before allshare will be recognized? I did see where it had a "mirror devices" option to scan and see if it recognizes allshare. Btw I havent purchased the allshare yet.was just following you on the video as to how to hook it up.. maybe thats why it hasnt been recognized I thought maybe "Allshare" may of been preset in the phone either way even before hooking up!!

Bassim Yusuf: Does this app have sound options? because I want to watch an international tv channel on my app I downloaded, and no sounds were heard. 

roza marmay: that is compatible to Galaxy Tab?

SUPERTRIP™: "Theres no lag" Theres like half a second lag

Deborah Carleton-Rio: Thank you so much you are AWESOME!!!

Sarmy Sarmagandy: Salut! Felicitari pentru tutoriale! O intrebare legat de o tableta Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1. Nu reusesc sa conectez tableta cu TV prin allshare cast dongle. In setarile de pe tableta nu imi apare butonul Allshare cast ca si la Galaxy S3. Am incercat cu Kies Air wi-fi dar programul e de toata jena. Ceva sugestii pentru problema mea? P.S. Cand imi conectez Galaxy S3 la TV prin allshare cast dongle imaginele adesea merg intepate. Care e cauza? Si cum o pot remedia? Multumesc!

Rehan Arshad: Is it also possible to use laptop instead of using mobile devices like Note2/S3 with the Smart TV to share screen (screen-mirroring)?

seth8556: i have that crap and it's not works good, still lags and when playing at some game u can see well its lags, youtube video lagg too..((( crapy WiFi system +screen never works note 2

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
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