Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review

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RAQUAAHWA TheCodedtestament: The combat is faultless, the story is bonkers and the bosses some of the finest in gaming history.

DomKelton420: +theguyyouate6 even if the gameplay was short it didnt matter.  If you truly appreciated the story telling of the game it didnt matter. I watched every cutscene and didnt mind one bit because it was a compelling and legendary story.  You'd have to follow the story of the metal gear series and be a true fan to appreciate it.

koosa619: it isnt an Mgs game..

dest151: i thought it was going to be a standard cloak and dagger game when i saw the preview but later the creators wanted to go in a obscure direction,making fun of its metal gear origins...i enjoyed the demo and would like to own this game..stop saying bad things about good games..

Cyborg Revengeance: Thanks, the best Metal Gear Solid was the classic PS1 version (in terms of storyline)

ZaLewdWarudo: Rising... not Solid. Learn the difference and then I will actually take what you say into any type of account.

theguyyouate6: MGS4 was ridiculously short (in terms of gameplay).

Wawi Monch: GINTOKI!!!!

BaMmChRoNiClEs85: this game blows 60 bills wasted on this short crap

PIANO LESSON: You Bums who beat it in 4 hours have to remember that some people have lives. I never have more than 30 minutes of free time per day to devote to video games, so this would hopefully take me around 8/9 days to beat.

warmaxxx: what?

insertnamehere001: If you cut out all the cut-scenes in MGS4, it's actually only like, 4-5 hours long.

Marcus Korvenius: You know this one has a high replay value to me, it took me 1 game on normal to understand the parry system fully and use all my abilitys and weapons right. My secound raid in hard was even easyer and i stil dont have all 7 Mainweapons ingame but my new Sword is great. Every Sword has its own ability.

Secret NO.258: "It's basically a hack and slash game" ...BASICALLY?!

shredx81: I'm trading this in now. I started playing the game again & even with the ability to carry the upgrades/weapons over to your restart save, the game doesn't offer much long-term playability. The game is great fun first-time-round, but it's pretty linear. MGS4 has a fair bit of depth to it in terms of your free route around the landscape & the various weapons you could use, tactically stealthing or all guns blazing.

Wafflezombies1964: Yeah how he talks about the game you would think he would of scored it a 7

Wafflezombies1964: Weird MG Game,

shredx81: Agreed. MGS4 is actually pretty short. Probably 5 hours game play & about a fortnight of CGI cut-scenes.

Philip Keaveney: The truth man. I recommend Far Cry 3. I got a lot of hours out of that game. I don't play on-line. All people do is abuse each-other... I;m older so i grew up with long story mode games. Halo was great as you got hours out of it. Games now, a few hours and they're done. Bioshock was an incredible game, and i got the second game. Finished in a couple of evenings. It's a shame. On-line is not for everyone, yet we have to pay a high price for a 8 hour game? Annoying!

werotus: True. Personally I've almost given up on mainstream games. Not because of some idiotic hipster agenda but for the price:enjoyment ratio. I can get almost 50 hours of enjoyment from a 7 dollar indie game like FTL, or I could spend 10 times that much for a game like this witch I'll most likely play through in a day and forget.

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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance review 5 out of 5

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