Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 56 : Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival

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Midori Ai: does this mod change climate? i'm also using Climates of tamriel-wheather lightning audio, enhanced lights and fx, longer days, lightning during thunderstorms...
Days are darker!

Manny V: so does it effect the npc and your enemies cause i think it should

Almost Smart: xbox got it

Peter Parker: This mod has just been confirmed for Xbox 1!!! Feeling awesome right now

Kay the First: This mod would work better if the days were a little longer.

mukkaar: Skimpy armor mods or this?..... I think I'm going for appearance :D:D Don't really mind harder combat and things like that but I find camping, eating and worrying about cold bit too much on game that already has massive amounts of things with mods.

Samuel Eller the Mega Geek: Guys,please help i have a huge and annoying problem with the mod that i just installed.

Alright,so every time i set the settings in the MCM it resets and never saves even tho it says it saves..please help (the same problem with the "campfire" mod)

XxMlgSwegCarpxX: can i change options with skyui

VS BARATINHO: I wonder if this will, somehow, be adapted for FL4... hopefully yes.

Kevin Deemer: How does this mod work with fast travel? Does it disable it?

jblauh01: So would my character interacting with the campfire itself be included with this mod or is that something separate? lol

al nullified: where can I get this awesome mail armor at 3:22?

Fenrir: Does anyone know how to get the conjured shelters to work?

B Bartley: One of my favorite mods. Change how you play Skyrim and makes it very realistic

CaniHaveTacos 04: I just downloaded Frostfall and Campfire, I'm trying to figure out if you need to put the mod files in the game or if they're already in the game.

Connor Doyle: Easily my favourite mod, brought me back into skyrim and it's just so good!

QorinHalfhand.: So i installed a bunch of mods and now my game crashes after the bethesda logo.I tried reinstalling skyrim and copying the mods back via nexus and manual and the game works for a while then crashes again.Pls help me on resolving this.And does a mod do that?cs i found that some mods wich i used earlier work.

joe1stofall1st: funny story i was outside my house staring up at the stars and stuff just like skyrim and i keept waiting but the frostfall msg never came up.

joe1stofall1st: i remember the screen frosting up when i got to cold and man it was so immersive !

Martin Naranjo: A question:
Does Frostfall, change ONLY a game mechanic? or add as well a new "Rain" "Snow" design?
Because some of the Snow and Rain didn't seem like the Skyrim that i known xP

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Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 56 : Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival 5 out of 5

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