HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen Space Heater Prototype 1

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gassplitter: Great setup so far! Can't wait for the final results. I pulled out my cells out of my car and want to do something with heating too.

KyleCarrington: @jdcproducts Cool. I built the seperator design from myhydrogencar but given he doesn't trust compressing his product, I'm not so sure I should... perhaps one needs to go right back to the Hauffman design. They say it takes quite a bit less than 1% of O2 left mixed with the H2 to make it explosive by compression. I did, though, find an oxygen scrubber for H2.

TransAtlanticEV: Sorry it didn't work out. I really want to try and build one of these to test myself. What where the limitations and design issues? Your feedback would be helpful as to "not make the same mistake twice"..... Thanks in advance.

BreadboardBasics: Cool, I am using a converted tool chest for my enclosure, I will be posting a vid soon.

Green Tester: i working on one to here ... i used an old computer case, there is a little more space in them. I really like this design look like it's the way to go for heater in HHO. many have the same design and it's working great ! Best of luck !

JdcProducts.com: @MaN1aC666 Thanks. If this works I'll probably be converting a computer case to a fully integrated HHO heater. Meaning cells and power supply will be included. This is just a proof of concept for me. Please let me know once your system is completed or send me the video link. Not much exists in the realm of HHO heating. Good luck to you as well.

JdcProducts.com: I really needed an hho system that I could crank up to 1500-2000 watts to really test how hho would compare to a standard space heater which pulls about the same amount current. Tests below 500 watts were promising but not enough heat to do much. Multiple flames spread out over a larger surface area is probably better than one flame. A material such as ceramic is probably a better choice to use for heat exchanging. I would have to dump some money into it to make it a reliable source of heat

MrCoredigger: Loving your effort to use hho for heating i've just took an interest in it lately again. I've been scouring utube for information on hho heat. I been watching a lot of alt. energy veterans the past couple of months i'm totally blown away by the information available . I have given it some thought after watching the radiant pipe heater about the concern of moisture inside as it seems his was putting out a lot . My thinking is to heat water in copper coils and use a radiator to dissperce the heat

hydrophoenixx: Justin, Really nice progress on this design. I have not been working much on my HHO heater much in the last 4 to 6 months. No money and no time. I do have some parts I bought but have not assembled them yet. Maybe I should do a video on my heater ideas. Thanks for sharing. I also watched your video on the trolls and nay sayers. They are paid opposition. Water is the most compressed fuel on Earth. It is the safest fuel we will ever have. We just have to learn how to tame it. Take care.

JdcProducts.com: I developed a flashback arrestor for this. I do not use brass wool.

TransAtlanticEV: So did this unit actually work? Just got through winter HELL this past winter and definitely ready to prepare for next winter with some alternatives! Did this thing work for you? Please post another video about how it worked!

JdcProducts.com: I wasn't impressed with the performance after long term testing. Using hho to heat requires re-engineering of heater technology. As of late, I've become much more interested in separation systems to feed directly into off the shelf propane heaters. I just haven't had the funding to build a system.

KyleCarrington: How is it working out? My HHO drycell produces about 2l/min (just under) @ about 20 amps, but, that's using very weak electrolyte (around 2%). I must say though, the flame is not a real heat producer, at all. I was shocked at how cool the flame is, actually. I think you'd have better luck if you place a small piece of magnesium allow, set the tip of your flame against it.. inside the copper tube... not sure about toxicity though, but the stuff gets white hot and doesn't disappear on you. Cheers

JdcProducts.com: @KyleCarrington My results have been promising but I have found I'm going to have to reinvent the wheel to make HHO work with heating. I am working on a splitter cell design in the hope of using Hydrogen in the place of propane and natural gas, plus I can bottle hydrogen without fear of explosions. I think HHO could be used for heating if enough money was put into it to build the systems correctly. I am now focusing my attention to split cell designs as this will be more practical for everyone.

infopackrat: I do hope you have that pipe filled with brass wool to stop an explosive backfire. That could be a lot of gas in that pipe.

JdcProducts.com: @hydrophoenixx I appreciate that, I noticed its been a while since you did a video but I understand. I haven't been able to do near as much as I'd like to do because of money and time. It's also difficult because nobody around me has any input or interests. I too believe water is the most compressed fuel that we know of, its just a matter of learning how to make the electrolysis method more efficient, Its coming though, lots of intelligent guys working on it. Thanks again.

HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen Space Heater Prototype 1 4.8 out of 5

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