Indie Impressions - Cuboid Sandbox

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mario2960: I downloaded this game and it is, AWESOME!

Park: Holy crap, the start was hard to watch.

orion deschamps: PLAY OGAT!!!

Roxann Johnson: Didn't you all watch the video? He figured that out! 8:49 - 9:12 !!!!!

212superdude212: The poles are food

John Smith: The *baces* are actually food

Jango Bun Bun: I just thought of a really cool multiplayer CTB game idea like this game... three colors, four bases. Have your color try to capture the bases and win.

Chaotic Wolf: Subvertgames has three games, Cuboid Sandbox, Of Guards And Thieves and one game still in development, Blackreef Pirates

Sage L: you sir are a freaking retard it is FOOD for crapS SAKE

drakonscale: Its called "food"

RCorsona: lol! 14:03 arrow on the bottom left hand side of the mini map

Elliott Firth: Hi

Charles2531: If the game was a Ludum Dare entry, it could have been in the LD Jam, which gives the devs both an extra day, and the ability to work in a team.

Pagwon: watch 9 minutes dum dum -_- offense

Legit Wayz: I <3 cubes :3

Lord Fuzzle: yea spore sucked make it better then spore guy

Wimmie Filemon: rockleesmile please respond to this. i couldnt watch further because you didnt get the nests were food and they needed it to live! i really cant watch further than 07:12 sorry.

Food&Snacks Review: hey RockLee^.^ I like you

Solomon: i shouted that so many times...

Michael Kelly: the totem pole things are food suplies dum dum -_- no offense

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
Indie Impressions - Cuboid Sandbox 5 out of 5

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