Indie Impressions - Cuboid Sandbox

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Luke Merod: The polems are food

Roxann Johnson: Didn't you all watch the video? He figured that out! 8:49 - 9:12 !!!!!

fuku Gugle: these videos are amazing 

orion deschamps: PLAY OGAT!!!

212superdude212: The poles are food

Pirata796: Six months old greatest idea, some game designer should come around here. The concept of the cuboid sandbox are pretty good, but this game could be awesome with just some improves. I would be pleased to pay for a game like that you described.

Elliott Firth: Hi

ThePatryk72: Do Powder Toy!

Food&Snacks Review: hey RockLee^.^ I like you

RockLeeSmile: Yes, you can head over to indie-impressions[dot]com and use the contact form if you'd like to email me. Thank you!

Wil Pacatte: U Duh Mastah Nick :3

ronald chambless: they were more like rectangles to me.

Seekerofhax4Maneater: so kind of like Godus?

IndustrialBonecraft: This is the type of thing that could be expanded on to a huge degree and be really interesting.

Matt Crunk: food

merc mcmercinstein: the poles are there food!

Daryl Dixon: 10:28 Master chief helmet

Stephen Morris: I was screaming FOOD the entire time

chaz1031: do you play indie games and other games and tell your opinion about them? im sorta slow and i really dont get what you do...but i like to see you play

RockLeeSmile: Hey Chaz1031, yep, essentially this series is all about discovering new, original, unique, and experimental indie games and diving into them together for the first time. I don't do reviews, but I like to just pick things apart, give my impressions and talk about what I've found based on my background in art and game knowledge. Thanks for watching! :)

Pirata796: They just appear when the cubes are next to food, they are just a little dot but they grow up pretty fast.

jurassicpark4ever: Um, I think you should have seen the whole video before commenting.

OfficialGameHub: They have no food the nests are food

Fezza1186: the poles are food

Lord Fuzzle: yea spore sucked make it better then spore guy

Edolkh O: stupid ploes = FOOD

IActAsIf ICare: Games about cubes are fun :3

JLPMinecraft: Intriguing.... :P

Wimmie Filemon: rockleesmile please respond to this. i couldnt watch further because you didnt get the nests were food and they needed it to live! i really cant watch further than 07:12 sorry.

MrPagwon: watch 9 minutes dum dum -_- offense

Furret: Someone should hire you for ideas for games. I'd love a game like that.

Nickbgr: i meant there not thee

Vire70: /facepalm

Samuel Hernando: Your welcome!

Nickbgr: i only watched a little bit like 10 minutes soooo

Fatal Biscuit: The tall things r there food and they grow when they eat it and the bigger they r the more powerful they r

Mortadda: Excuse me when i try to play in the browser it says it can't connect to Unity dll. I installed unity and it still won't work. Same problem. When I install it to my computer and run it, it sends an error report. All the report says is it failed.

Ramiro Mayorga: I freaking LOVE your reviews dude, you are just so ridiculously well informed and have an amazing vocabulary, I realized that you spend most of the video talking and this normally annoys me to no end but in your videos I enjoy it. You also cover a lot of really obscure genres and types of games that are hard to find elsewhere, keep it up!!

pokemon05100: -_- The towers are food its like this. They eat,they reproduce,they eat more,they can't find much food,they have to fight through a different base, then they die out. :)

lemarr moffatt: 1.ok the poles are food 2.the cubes will only fight when they lose food 3.go to the info option and the 1st type is red the 2nd type is yellow and the 3rd type is blue

vastowen: Nests= Food, No food = death 1 large cube = 1 medium + 1 babby cube

gerpar250: I <3 cubes :3

AllVideosOwn: How do you zoom in/out?

iliketohelppplz: Food! The towers are food!

Lyndsay Carrick: If you had watched for another 2 minutes, you would see that he figured that out. But its your loss.

kaleb Faux: the poles feed the cube

Platinum Panda's: lol! 14:03 arrow on the bottom left hand side of the mini map

braedan nelson: Why the cuboids are attracted to the colored poles of their color is because those poles are food, not nests.

D Dragon: the are FOOD

Indie Impressions - Cuboid Sandbox 4.9 out of 5

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