Cleaning Hatsan Escort Magnum MPA Semiautomatic Tactical 2 Shotgun

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Austin Smith: I can't put the barrel back

Christer Åstrand: How do you fully open up the magazine-tube? Do I need a special tool to remove the black metal piece on the top?

Scott Eriksen: I'm relatively new to the semi-auto shotgun community, more of a rifle person to be honest. I do have a concern in regards to cleaning the gas ports on the barrel-magazine tube housing. I know in an AR-15, the gas feedback tube is a self-cleaning unit, as in the pressures from firing rounds will blow out the carbon on it's own, and the one thing you do not want to do, (especially in an AR15) is shove an oiled cloth down the gas tube, as the oil itself will cause the carbon to build up and eventually cause a blockage. Wouldn't the same procure with a shotgun? I'm actually picking up this same shotgun later in the week and I want to give it a good cleaning before I take it out to the range. If someone could answer this for me I would appreciate it greatly, thanks!

JustLookN: I own the .20 Gauge version and was wondering is your barrel loose near the breach? I have about 85 rounds through it so far and haven't done a break open cleaning just bore and oil. Shoots pretty sweet at 25 yds , no problems as of yet knock on wood lol. Thanks.

Grumpy Mr M: Great vid man, thanks a lot. I just bought this gun and now realise I didn't clean it right just now. I didn't take the bolt out etc. "Honey! Clear all that crap of the dining room table, I need it some more room!"

Jen B: I just bought this gun and now I know how to clean it. Great video thanks bro

Thomas Rothenberger: hey I picked up a mp ts2 and it won't seem to cycle through the shells I have to rooster it every time do u have any ideas of what might be going on

Bob King: Oops, just realized you are talking about the Tactical 2 12 gauge. Sorry! Looks just like my 20 gauge.

Bob King: You mention an extension tube for your Escort Gladius 20 gauge semi-auto. What extension tube did you use? I cannot find one that fits.

Every 2nd Counts: Thanks man! I have plenty of pistols but I'm new to the shotgun world. I have the Aimguard 12g and just shot it for the first time today. This video helped a bunch!

spitfireace87: freak doing all that after a shoot just buy an benelli inertia system

Elite Commando: i was told by a shop that does warranty work for hatsan not to oil anything involving the gas system because it causes carbon buildup much faster

Ali Dulger: great video thanks

WhatHavU: Great video. Thanks. I just cleaned my Hatsan Escort MPA Semiautomatic ..
Now to clean the trigger assembly

RACKNLOAD: Nice video, gonna give mine a damn good clean after seeing this lol!

Terry Carter: I have the Hatsan wooden stock 12g gun and watched your video for something to do.  Well done I enjoyed it very much.

Richard Patrick: Nice Video thanks. Do you have a video on the trigger assemble?
Richard Patrick

jpmudd1994: Man I was loading some shells into this last night, and it jammed up really bad on me. Do you have abt advice... its wedged in there bad

t420dragon: I just picked one up about a month ago, shot 150-200 2 3/4 slugs and target load mix, never had any problems, fired great every shot and was filthy when I was done, My first gun and my first cleaning of one! Thank you very much for the video, It helped greatly!

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Cleaning Hatsan Escort Magnum MPA Semiautomatic Tactical 2 Shotgun 5 out of 5

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