Cleaning Hatsan Escort Magnum MPA Semiautomatic Tactical 2 Shotgun

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JustLookN: I own the .20 Gauge version and was wondering is your barrel loose near the breach? I have about 85 rounds through it so far and haven't done a break open cleaning just bore and oil. Shoots pretty sweet at 25 yds , no problems as of yet knock on wood lol. Thanks.

Grumpy Mr M: Great vid man, thanks a lot. I just bought this gun and now realise I didn't clean it right just now. I didn't take the bolt out etc. "Honey! Clear all that crap of the dining room table, I need it some more room!"

Jen B: I just bought this gun and now I know how to clean it. Great video thanks bro

Thomas Rothenberger: hey I picked up a mp ts2 and it won't seem to cycle through the shells I have to rooster it every time do u have any ideas of what might be going on

Bob King: Oops, just realized you are talking about the Tactical 2 12 gauge. Sorry! Looks just like my 20 gauge.

Bob King: You mention an extension tube for your Escort Gladius 20 gauge semi-auto. What extension tube did you use? I cannot find one that fits.

Every 2nd Counts: Thanks man! I have plenty of pistols but I'm new to the shotgun world. I have the Aimguard 12g and just shot it for the first time today. This video helped a bunch!

spitfireace87: freak doing all that after a shoot just buy an benelli inertia system

Elite Commando: i was told by a shop that does warranty work for hatsan not to oil anything involving the gas system because it causes carbon buildup much faster

Ali Dulger: great video thanks

WhatHavU: Great video. Thanks. I just cleaned my Hatsan Escort MPA Semiautomatic ..
Now to clean the trigger assembly

RACKNLOAD: Nice video, gonna give mine a damn good clean after seeing this lol!

Terry Carter: I have the Hatsan wooden stock 12g gun and watched your video for something to do.  Well done I enjoyed it very much.

Richard Patrick: Nice Video thanks. Do you have a video on the trigger assemble?
Richard Patrick

jpmudd1994: Man I was loading some shells into this last night, and it jammed up really bad on me. Do you have abt advice... its wedged in there bad

t420dragon: I just picked one up about a month ago, shot 150-200 2 3/4 slugs and target load mix, never had any problems, fired great every shot and was filthy when I was done, My first gun and my first cleaning of one! Thank you very much for the video, It helped greatly!

martyj: Anychance you could do a vid on cleaning the trigger mechanism? that would be really helpful. :)

Mike R: Is the smart valve suppose to be free moving??

martyj: Just bought this as my first gun - very helpful thanks for posting :) cheers.

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Cleaning Hatsan Escort Magnum MPA Semiautomatic Tactical 2 Shotgun 5 out of 5

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