Starbuzz E-buzz Blue Mist - E-Cig Review

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kiril chakalov: can you reffil this e-cig ?

LongArmsOfTheLaw: did it come in your mailbox? or in a big box

Shisha Gear: Available in the UK at shishagear

Khan: U jst earned a subscriber nd thbx fir the nicotine level nd the throat hit!

johnnysimsyo: Mine won't even turn on anymore just bought it yesterday

gscash: You know why you coughed? Cuz these taste like burnt plastic. It's harsh because it's designed like a little plastic toy.

gscash: These suck balls. Don't waste your money on one of these. It's like a ecig for a 2 year old. Hardly any vape or throat hit and they taste like dogcrap. There is ecigs out there that blow this away for the same price or less. With these you're just paying for the name.

ericshaggy2dope: The E-Hookahs last for about 700-800 puffs i think

rina serano: how long do this electric cigarette's lost?

Six-Zero-Six Defender Of Justice!: And does it have less nicotine then a cigarette?

Six-Zero-Six Defender Of Justice!: How many puffs does this have?

Doggo55: I love mine got it today at my local smoke shop got apple doppio

chakenfangersaregood: i bought one for $10 at the smoke shop, they last quite awhile too.

ivan Palominos: im pretty addicted to these things

ivan Palominos: i like the PIRATE'S CAVE

ShakeToTheJunt: Is there enough nicotine to become addicted?

Jeanblits46: I got the apple one

x310x310x: How much are these

Andrew: thats what she said lol

FatDabs Only: I just boughy mine yesterday its done gay ass crap -,- ill stick to refer (:

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Starbuzz E-buzz Blue Mist - E-Cig Review 5 out of 5

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