CE6 Clearomizer Tank

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3DigitalStudios: Hi David!. I have a CE6 with a 2.4ohm head and no matter were I set my VV at, I am always going back to 3.7V, it seems the best "sweet spot" for these.. where do you set your PV at for a 2.4ohm CE6?..... I am using a Vision SpinnerVV 900mAh

David Solomon: @realmofoz @Lisa Loves realmofoz is correct. The T3, E-Vod, Mini T3 and MT3 (all of the basic type of design) are very good flavor and vapor, and work great on a Twist. They are my favorite line of clearomizer, and a great recommendation... from realmofoz and me. :)

realmofoz: Yes, Kanger T3 or MT3 (they are the same) not rebuildable but easily to replace the heads. They last longer and good vapor and throat hit. Best clearo IMO I think Lord Davon did a review on them you might look and check it out!

Lisa Loves: Ah, your not asking for much ! Have you found one yet ? I di like the mini Niva ,but I still would like more throat hit on my Ego twist,,,,,

Lisa Loves: Hi, where do you get this phoenix your talking about ?

Anomylous: decent review, thanks. So far as for taste, I prefer the CE4. Have not tried this one yet. I have a request if you would tell me what software you used to create the intro and sound on your video. I am an inventor and will be introducing a new computer product on KickStarterDOTcom. I also do web design, but my video skills are lacking, thanks

David Solomon: I need to Skype with you again soon, and get some more advice on stuff anyway. :)

realmofoz: With all of these different types of cartos, man i just wish I could get something that is durable, rebuildable, and that works. I get so tired of a lot of these plastic ones breaking after a weeks use. Thicker and stronger plastic plus metal, like the Cryptonite tank (C8, and the flavor of a vision extreme carto, and the throat hit of a dual coil? Repair-ability of the Vivi Nova? Does that sound about right LOL...

David Solomon: The Vision VV 350 (aka VariStack). It's the next review, so I let it make a little cameo. ;)

jackiejunque: What PV is that you are using the C6 on?

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CE6 Clearomizer Tank 5 out of 5

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