Subsonic Suppressed 223 / 5.56

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Greg: WTF is this?!?!?!?! a bolt action AR-15????????

Dog Wood: Now THIS is how to make a YouTube video. Not giving some long, drawn out, explanation of something simple just so you can feel and look like a celebrity. Thank you sir.

budget gamer2017: I plan on getting a .223 and making a subsonic load, i dont want a heavy bullet though. Will a 1:9 with 55grain subs be stabile

lmorrison17: Id like to find some  subsonic load data for 75-80g bullets to try in a 1x8 twist

Galactic Vixen: 5.56 is too light to be effective at subsonic velocity. I'm not saying that it won't kill you at blank point range, but at greater range, it's a joke.

paul axton: All he needs is a 1:7 twist barrel and coupled with a suppressor it will cycle perfectly.

Cole Boxwell: you need some lube lol, but nice video!

crazydriver1978: congratulations: you just converted one of the worlds most efficient vermin hunter into one of the worlds most under powered quiet difficult bolt action sniper rifles

Mavis Blinnie: Have you come up with a round that will cycle yet? Theoretically speaking, if you used a heavier bullet, you could get more recoil out of it. Or maybe a lighter buffer?

ms3bani: nobody.

mlindsay527: I love subsonics, but in .22, a bolt action or lever action .22lr is the ticket.

russr: @panteraboy1988 looked up extreme Shock 100gr, looks like total crap for reviews, and dont see a 100gr lee mold.

Tom Balotte: Youtube won't let me type a long and detailed explanation so im gonna have to shorten it lol. .223/5.56 are designed to go fast, real fast! One way you can get them subsonic is by reducing the powder, but if you do that the action wont cycle. The other way is to load a very heavy bullet so you get enough psi for a cycle but still remain subsonic. You can safely shoot a 55,000 psi cartridge in a .223 chamber. There is plenty of load data for a 100gr bullet you just have to find it.

Claude Rains: @panteraboy1988 The problem is not in the bullet, its in the gas system. You have two choices either make the gas bleed hole bigger or get a softer spring. I would go the bleed hole bigger at least it will still function without the AWC. The recoil with the light spring would not last to long. You might also know shoving 100 grain bullets in that thing, you get over 50K PSI barrel pressure and you could blow the bolt up in you're face. If you are left handed is not a good idea.

Tom Balotte: These guys called Super Shock. I was talking about pouring your own tho. Lee makes 100gr molds for 223. Fouling of the barrel is minimal at small velocities and if you put a gas check on your cast bullets you can almost eliminate it.

russr: @panteraboy1988 who makes 100gr 223 bullets?

Tom Balotte: Get yourself some 100grain bullets and find some load data that'll match your powder for a subsonic round. It'll cycle every time with that heavy of a bullet.

vampov: @russr Cant you adjust the gas flow or something to make it so it can cycle?

russr: @Cigmachines correct...

curseofa5r5a: proff that the AR-15 jam after every shot... just joking

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Subsonic Suppressed 223 / 5.56 5 out of 5

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